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Diversity in Voice Talent, Local Localization Perspectives on Tap at Feb. 25 CWMF

At the Feb. 25 Content Workflow Management Forum, “M&E’s Premiere Localization Event,” attendees will have four breakout tracks to choose from mid-event, covering everything from licensing and distribution, to the latest on remote working.

The “Localization” track will see a variety of MESA members presenting, including Iyuno Media Group, Nexus TV, Titles-On and OOONA.

First up is “Building the Creative Community: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion of Voice Talents,” featuring Iyuno Media Group’s Michael Cardinal, VP of global client management, and Anders Krogsgaard, VP of dubbing operations. The pair will tackle the crucial topic of diversity, equity and inclusion, and why they remain vital to the growth of the creative voice talent community.

“I will be joined by Krogsgaard for an intimate conversation about the importance of casting, Iyuno’s educational outreach efforts and recent discussion points with partners and our plans for growth and diversification to support changes in requirements,” Cardinal said. “Attendees should come away with insights and learnings from Iyuno’s approach to navigating sensitive topics, targeting diversification, developing voice acting as a viable career path and engaging creators on the cultural significance of their content.”

The increased expectation to consider race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity and disability is more present than ever in the casting process, and finding the right approach to navigating sensitive topics, targeting diversification, and engaging creators on the cultural significance will be discussed.

Next, the panel “Localization Perspectives from Downstream” will see David Millar, business development director for MESA Europe, moderating a talk with three companies who will provide unique viewpoints on how the localization industry is evolving, why having a local perspective can prove invaluable, and why the agility of a smaller organizations can enable more personalized services and foster creativity, Mattia Fioravanti, client relations manager for Nexus TV, Bente Ottersen, CEO of Titles-On, and Alex Yoffe, product manager for OOONA, will be on hand.

The Content Workflow Management Forum is produced by MESA, the Audio Business Continuity Alliance, Content Localisation Council, Smart Content Council, and the Hollywood IT Society, with sponsorship by Iyuno Media Group, Richey May Technology Solutions, Whip Media Group, Deluxe, Digital Nirvana, Meta, Vubiquity, EIDR, Keywords Studios, Los Angeles Duplication & Broadcasting, Nexus TV, OOONA, Signiant and Titles-On.

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