Virtual Production


The Quickening Pace of the Immersive Now (VFX)

Virtual reality and augmented reality are more tangible now. VR in particular has enjoyed a steady ascent recently, with help from the Oculus Quest headsets and the strong earnings... More

£25.2M Virtual Production Studio to Open in Belfast in 2024 (TVB)

The 57,000 sq ft building will include two large-scale virtual production stages with in-camera visual effects stage, a motion capture stage, a 3D scanning stage, and an R&D smart ... More

The Future of MoCap in VFX and Virtual Production (Broadcast)

With the explosion in virtual production over the past years, motion capture has been becoming even more important for productions across the industry, including high profile uses ... More

House of the Dragon: How Virtual Production is Helping Actors Say Goodbye to Green Screens (TC)

This LED volume stage is one of the biggest in the world, comprising more than 2,000 LED screens and 92 motion capture cameras. The scale of this LED volume means that production c... More

IBC 2022: Unreal Engine a ‘Gamechanger’ for Virtual Production (Broadcast)

The Unreal engine has been a “game changer” for virtual production and drawing in younger audiences, a panel at IBC has said. Alex Dinnin, director of graphics, innovation at W... More

‘Rings of Power’ Needed Over 1,500 VFX Artists and 20 VFX Studios (Variety)

Over 20 visual effects studios and 1500 visual effects artists across the globe came together to deliver Amazon’s mega-series “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.” Com... More

‘Bullet Train’ Rides the Virtual Production Wave (B&A)

Live action scenes on the train made use of train car sets with LED walls running adapted live-action footage, pre-composited and rendered by DNEG.... More

HBO Max Creates `Our Flag Means Death’ Using Blackmagic Design (TV Tech)

Virtual production allowed the creators to show the pirate ship and characters on the ocean without taking sail.... More

Streaming is Opening a Whole New World of Virtual Product Placement (Fast Company)

Get ready to see a lot more product placement on streaming service like Prime Video—including products added with editing magic.... More

Virtual Production: A New Era of Entertainment (postPerspective)

Virtual production is nothing short of a revolution for the entertainment industry. As nascent ideas of the metaverse begin to take shape, we know that the building blocks for this... More

How Marvel Studios’ ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Adopts a New Technology (Disney Blog)

'Thor: Love and Thunder' is the first MCU film to employ a new technology, The Volume, which surrounds the actors in a 360-degree digital environment, rather than filming them agai... More

Emmy Contenders Showcase How Much Visual Effects Have Expanded the Vision in Television (VFX Voice)

Considering the growing demand for content and the acceptance of visual effects as the primary work tool of potential nominees reflect how far the production quality of television ... More

French Virtual Production Studio Upgrades to Extended Reality (TVB)

Paris-based virtual production studio Plateau Virtuel has upgraded to extended reality with the real-time compositing/media-server platform SMODE. The studio shoots films and video... More

‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Takes ILM Virtual Production Route (THR)

The 20th Television series, based on Rick Riordan’s best-selling novels, has started production in Vancouver and will be the first project to be made on Industrial Light & Magic... More

How Virtual Production is Helping TV and Film Become More Sustainable (TVB)

The innovation of using virtual production techniques could make a significant impact in the race to net zero across broadcasters and production companies, with recent studies sugg... More

Animation Renaissance Fuled by Tech Advances, New Storytellers and Local Talent (VFX Voice)

Animated features and series of all types and stripes are launching this year, thanks to growing global demand, an anime goldrush and the impact of the streamers. The diverse array... More

Sony’s Virtual Production Tech Thinks Outside the Green Screen (Nikkei Asia)

Sony's Kiyosumi Shirakawa is a studio for virtual productions, an increasingly popular technology with the potential to reshape production of everything from ads to dramas. The stu... More

ABBA Voyage: How Does it Work? (MR)

ABBA's re-appearance on stage has garnered rave reviews. But how exactly do you convincingly put on a gig from a band that isn't there?... More

Virtual Production: Making a Real Impact in Commercials (VFXV)

We tend to hear a lot about the growing use of LED walls, game engines and real-time tools in the making of film and television shows. It turns out, of course, that these virtual p... More

New Virtual Production Stage Powered by Samsung’s The Wall (ProVideo)

It’s the world’s largest virtual production stage with MicroLED technology and it promises to change the way we create reality. Meet The Wall, by Samsung! The partnership, firs... More

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