KEYNOTE: Eric Haseltine, US Technology Leadership Council

Eric Haseltine, PhD, Innovation Speaker, and Chairman of the Board, US Technology Leadership Council

KEYNOTE: Anjali Kataria, Mytonomy Inc.

Anjali Kataria, Chief Executive Officer, Mytonomy Inc.

Mark Barron, Akamai

Mark Barron, Principal Solutions Engineer, Akamai

Eric Bolten, Zixi

Eric Bolten, Vice President, Business Development, Zixi

Alastair Campbell, GeoGuard

Alastair Campbell, Commercial and Product Marketing Manager. GeoGuard

Steve Clayton, Microsoft

Steve Clayton, Chief Storyteller and General Manager, Innovation, Culture and Stories Team, Microsoft

Guy Finley, CDSA & Trusted Partner Network (TPN)

Guy Finley, Executive Director, Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) and Chief Executive Officer, Trusted Partner Network (TPN)

John-Thomas Gaietto, CISSP, Executive Director, Cybersecurity Services, RicheyMay Technology Solutions

John-Thomas Gaietto, CISSP, Executive Director, Cybersecurity Services, RicheyMay Technology Solutions

Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Convergent Risks

Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Executive Vice President, Convergent Risks

Lisa Gerber, PacketFabric

Lisa Gerber, Head of Media & Entertainment, PacketFabric

Bob Gold, Bob Gold & Associates

Bob Gold, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bob Gold & Associates

Diane Hamer, BBC Studios

Diane Hamer, Head of Business & Legal Affairs, Brand Protection, BBC Studios

Shira Harrison, Amblin Partners

Shira Harrison, Vice President, Information Technology, Amblin Partners

Brajesh Jha, Genpact

Brajesh Jha, Global Head, Media and Entertainment, Genpact

Chris Johnson, Convergent Risks

Chris Johnson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Convergent Risks

Andrew Keating, Splunk

Andrew Keating, Director, Industry Marketing, Splunk

John Kindervag, Palo Alto Networks

John Kindervag, Field Chief Technology Officer, Palo Alto Networks

Karen Lane, Warner Bros. Entertainment

Karen Lane, Director, Business Technology & Workplace Solutions, Warner Bros. Entertainment

Mark Lasser, Deque

Mark Lasser, Senior Accessibility Consultant, Deque

Brad Parobek, Friend MTS

Brad Parobek, Senior Vice President Sales Americas, Friend MTS

Alex Pickering, BBC Studios and CDSA

Alex Pickering, Content Security Director, BBC Studios and Executive Committee Member CDSA

Ben Schofield, CDSA and TPN

Ben Schofield, Project Manager, CDSA and Product Manager, TPN

Joel Sloss, Microsoft Azure

Joel Sloss, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Beverly Smart, Splunk

Beverly Smart, Industry Marketing, Communications, Media and Technology, Splunk

Ben Stanbury, Amazon Studios and CDSA

Ben Stanbury, Chief Security Office, Amazon Studios and Chairman of the Board, CDSA

Christopher Taylor, ME-ISAC

Christopher Taylor, Director, ME-ISAC

Eric Wynalek, SHIFT

Eric Wynalek, Vice Presodent, Strategic Initiatives, SHIFT