KEYNOTE: Mike Forde, McLaren Formula 1

Mike Forde, Speaker, Author & Strategic Advisor, Applied Technologies, McLaren Formula 1

Caroline Baines, MESA Europe

Caroline Baines, Member Services Director, MESA Europe

Tim Baldwin, Zixi

Tim Baldwin, Head of Product, Zixi

Shubham Bhattacharya, Nagra

Shubham Bhattacharya, Director, Strategic Portfolio Management, Nagra

Avner Braverman, Reshuffle

Avner Braverman, Chief Executive Officer, Reshuffle

Joanna Browne, WarnerMedia

Joanna Browne, Senior Manager, Client Services, WarnerMedia

Jeff Caldwell, ATMECS

Jeff Caldwell, Vice President, Digital Integration and Cloud Partnerships, ATMECS

Manel Carreras, Eclair

Manel Carreras, Chief Commercial Officer, Eclair

Tanya Cornejo, Premiere Digital

Tanya Cornejo, Director, Customer Success, Premiere Digital

Steve Cronan, 5th Kind

Steve Cronan, Chief Executive Officer, 5th Kind

Raymond Drewry, MovieLabs

Raymond Drewry, EMEA Operations & Principal Scientist, MovieLabs

Peter Elvidge, Cognizant

Peter Elvidge, Director, Media and Entertainment, Cognizant

Garrett R Finley, MESA

Garrett R Finley, Vice President, Member Services, MESA

Guy Finley, MESA

Guy Finley, President, MESA

Michael Gooding, A+E Networks UK

Michael Gooding, Head of Regulatory Affairs, A+E Networks UK

Paul Hastings, Whip Media Group

Paul Hastings, Senior Vice President, EMEA Sales, Whip Media Group

Jan-Hendrik Hein, A+E Networks UK

Jan-Hendrik Hein, Director of Media Operations, A+E Networks UK

Richard Kroon, Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR)

Richard Kroon, Director of Technical Operations, Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR)

Tim Mapley, TransPerfect

Tim Mapley, Director, Business Development, TransPerfect

Angel Martin, Eclair

Angel Martin, Managing Director, Versioning & Accessibility, Eclair

David Millar, MESA Europe

David Millar, Business Development Director, MESA Europe

Michelle Munson, Eluvio

Michelle Munson, Chief Executive Officer, & Co-Founder, Eluvio

Jonathan Murphy, BBC D&E

Jonathan Murphy, Editorial Lead for Metadata, BBC D&E

Chris Reynolds, Deluxe

Chris Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Localization, Deluxe

Marlies Schortinghuis, IYUNO Media Group

Marlies Schortinghuis, Director of Activation, Executive Chairman Office, IYUNO Media Group

Evie Silvers, MESA

Evie Silvers, Director, Business Development, MESA

Amanda Smith, Discovery Communications

Amanda Smith, Director, Language Strategy & Content Business Operations, Discovery Communications

Dr. Volker Steinbiss, AppTek

Dr. Volker Steinbiss, Managing Director, Applications Technology, AppTek

Darren Summers, ITV

Darren Summers, Localisation Executive, ITV

Jeremy Tarling, BBC D&E

Jeremy Tarling, Lead Data Governance Specialist, BBC D&E

Matt Turner, MESA

Matt Turner, Strategic Advisor and Technologist, MESA

Russell Vijayan, Digital Nirvana

Russell Vijayan, Head A/I Products and Services, Digital Nirvana

Russell Wise, Digital Nirvana

Russell Wise, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Digital Nirvana

Eli Young, ATMECS

Eli Young, Director, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, ATMECS

Mary Yurkovic, MESA

Mary Yurkovic, Director, Smart Content

Erik Weaver, [email protected]

Erik Weaver, Director of Adaptive Production and Special Projects, [email protected]