KEYNOTE: Dr. Vivienne Ming, Socos Labs

Dr. Vivienne Ming, Professional Mad Scientist, Co-Founder & CEO, Socos Labs

WINNER: Christina Aguilera, Amazon Studios

Christina Aguilera, WiTH Foundation President, Head of Creative Engineering, Amazon Studios

WINNER: Katie Hinsen, Nice Shoe

Katie Hinsen, Executive Producer, Dailies and Digital Intermediate, Nice Shoe

WINNER: Davida Johnson, UCLA

Davida Johnson, Managing Director, UCLA Office of Advanced Research Computing — Data and Technology Solutions

WINNER: Nicole McMackin, Irvine Technology Company

Nicole McMackin, Chief Executive Officer, Irvine Technology Company

Ana Arauz, Codetalk Alumna

Ana Arauz, Codetalk Alumna, Desire to specialize in Software Development and UX Design (Codetalk Alum)

Brandi Cotton, JPMorgan Chase

Brandi Cotton, Software Engineer, JPMorgan Chase (PepUp Tech Alum)

Simone Dublin, Codetalk Alumna

Simone Dublin, Desire to specialize in Cybersecurity, (Codetalk Alum)

Daniela Orozco-Jimenez, Stanford University

Daniela Orozco-Jimenez, Mechanical Engineering Student, Stanford University (DIY Girls Alum)

Beatriz Ruiz, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

Beatriz Ruiz, Freelance Consultant, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group (STEM Advantage Alum)

April Schneider, WiTH Community Engagement Committee

April Schneider, Chair, WiTH Community Engagement Committee