Simone Dublin, Codetalk Alumna

Simone Dublin,
Desire to specialize in Cybersecurity
Codetalk Alumna (Codetalk Alum)

Simone had been under and unemployed for more than a year and faced the difficulties that came with that territory. While job hunting she acquired help from a career coach at a local Work Source center. The career coach used to work in tech in the 90s and had been volunteering at St. Joseph’s Center’s Bread & Roses Cafe which serves hot food daily to the unhoused community. The career coach suggested Simone gain free training for a career change from education to working in tech and apply to the Codetalk program. With a lot of hope and little finances, she applied, was accepted and the rest is her story!The sessions with WiTH have taught invaluable, real-life insider experience from a female point-of-view in the industry. They have shared the challenges of work-life balance, interview process and tips and the importance of knowing your own value and worth that you have to bring to a company.Simone has gained hands-on experience in the Cybersecurity area while working in a group project during Codetalk Coding Bootcamp. She plans to continue exploring that field and start studying Cybersecurity. She hopes to contribute to technology in order to leave the World in a better condition than how she found it.