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2021 Best Practices for Data Center Migration (Equinix Blog)

At one time, keeping the lights on in the data center was enough. Now, it’s more about economically keeping up with the demand for higher-density power and cooling, deploying bes... More

Software AG, SAP Partner on Industry 4.0 Data (ZDNet)

Software AG and SAP have partnered to better surface supply chain management data with the aim of improving product quality. Software AG's alliance with SAP will combine SAP's S/4H... More

How to Build Data Literacy in Your Company (MIT)

Data literacy has become an in-demand skill for many workers. To get started, leaders should know what it means and establish a common language for learning.... More

Equinix Lodges Plans for $90M Data Center (UD)

The South Sydney facility, to be built across a 26,000sq m site at 506 Gardeners Road in Alexandria was submitted to council earlier this week. Equinix plans to provide up to 15,50... More

Developers: This is the One Skill Most Likely to Get You Hired, According to IBM (ZDNet)

The tech giant finds that developers who have knowledge of open-source technologies that underpin the cloud are the ones with better career prospects.... More

Genpact Honored in New Banking Managed Services Report

Genpact's digital and domain expertise and strategic acquisitions recognized for driving transformation for clients. (more…)... More

From ‘Big Data’ to ‘Massive Data’ as the Shift to the Cloud Grows (Qumulo Blog)

The COVID-19 pandemic permanently shifted the landscape of work. It highlighted the need for data accessibility in the cloud as people work remotely. And organizations without a di... More

Great Digital Citizenship is Key to Best Practice CX in a Digital Economy (Adobe Blog)

Using data to deliver insights and support informed customer experience decisions comes with great responsibility: Companies must take privacy and data ethics seriously. They must ... More

Design Operations is the Next Step in Building Compelling Experiences at Scale (CIO)

Successful brands are focusing on consistency, efficiency, and agility when designing the customer experience.... More

How 3D, AR Will Transform Creative Design in 2021 (Adobe Blog)

We now have the tools to create futuristic worlds and designs that are so realistic that you can hardly tell that they’re indeed digital creations.... More

Why Data Engineering is Not Just About Data Science (TNS)

Data engineering, as a distinct field, whose practitioners have a cohesive group identity as data engineers, is fairly new. So new, in fact, that there are many people who don’t ... More

Analytics and AI: Trends to Look Out for in 2021 (Genpact Blog)

In 2020, as COVID-19 stress-tested every organization, actionable data-driven insights became increasingly important to build business resilience. This will continue in 2021, and e... More

6 Web Development Predictions for 2021 (TNS)

As we kick-start 2021 in application and web development, two trends seem destined to continue their rapid growth: serverless and JavaScript development.... More

SAP Shares HANA, Data Warehouse Cloud Announcements, Year-End Plans (ZDNet)

SAP is using its annual Tech Ed event for a flurry of announcements. Data and analytics may not take center stage, but they are always important, and we attempt to roll up relevant... More

MGM Leverages AWS for its Supply Chain (TVB)

MGM will distribute its TV and film content across platforms using AWS.... More

What to Look for in a Security Analytics Provider (Security Intelligence)

Security analytics has always needed to adapt to changing threats, and this year has been no exception. Threat detection, investigation and response are more complex than ever. Ent... More

Four Opportunities for Tech Startups in 2021 (TechHQ)

From edge computing to robotic deliveries, new opportunities are emerging for ambitious, cutting-edge startups.... More

McLaren Racing Uses Splunk to Analyze 1.5 TB of Data Every Race Weekend (Diginomica)

McLaren Racing’s digital architect Ed Green says Splunk has helped the company to analyze data faster so it can spot anomalies and make adjustments to improve performance.... More

Why AWS is Bringing Apple’s MacOS to its Cloud (Protocol)

Apple developers will be able to use AWS-managed Mac Minis to test their Mac and iOS applications, AWS announced on the first day of the virtual re:Invent event. The new Mac instan... More

Software Developers Face Mounting Pressure in 2021 (ZDNet)

Well-positioned shops will crank out software for COVID-19 responses while teams hobbled by legacy technology and practices dial back and focus on keeping the lights on.... More

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