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Cognizant’s Shared Investigator Platform Grows to More Than a Quarter Million Users Globally

Cognizant announced that its Shared Investigator Platform (SIP), a life sciences Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that streamlines clinical trials to improve the speed of phar... More

The Future of the Web Will Need a Different Sort of Software Developer (ZDNet)

Web3, ambient computing and the Metaverse all sound exciting, but they will be matched by changes to what developers do, too.... More

SAP: How to Unlock the Full Value Potential of Digital Transformation (Forbes)

Milliseconds. When it comes to exciting fans and championing a more sustainable future at the same time, it all comes down to a few milliseconds in motorsport. For the motorsport p... More

AWS, Harvard Collaborate to Advance Quantum Networking (Network World)

AWS Center for Quantum Networking and Harvard Quantum Initiative group have an ambitious three-year agenda to advance quantum technology and develop a quantum workforce.... More

The Promise of Edge Computing Comes Down to Data (MS)

Edge computing is unlocking the real-time insights and intelligent automation that separate business leaders from the laggards.... More

The Future of Analytics: How to Make Sense of Data and Mitigate Business-Critical Risks (SAP Blog)

By using new forms of databases and machine learning algorithms, real-time data processing capabilities, and the development of self-service analytics and data marketplaces, SAP en... More

archTIS Awarded Contract to Collaborate With Australian Department of Health on Data Architecture (Proactive)

The company will provide architectural services to advise on changes across modern cloud and big data technologies to drive a data-centric strategy.... More

Report: Data Science Jobs are a Top Pick for Gen Z (Fortune)

Data science is one of the fastest-growing, most critical fields of the past decade. With massive volumes of data created every day, there is an increasing need for people who can ... More

The Emergence of the Chief Automation Officer (VentureBeat)

Not only is the role of the CAO rapidly emerging, but it is also growing in importance due to the positive impact automation is having on businesses across industries. The CAO will... More

How Unstructured Data Creates Opportunities for MSPs (Wasabi Blog)

When we think about data, most of us tend to imagine neatly organized databases with rows and columns containing uniformly formatted fields of information. However, this sort of st... More

Digital Twins are Primed to Revolutionize the Infrastructure Industry (CIO)

How innovation, efficiency and intelligence across the infrastructure ecosystem is finding a kindred spirit in digital twins.... More

SAP Spotlighted for Data Integration Tools

Today, data has become an engine of value creation. Organizations are forging new data strategies to derive meaningful insights and accelerate their innovation. Yet, many organizat... More

AWS Granted Permission for Two Data Centre Buildings in Dublin (DCD)

The company was granted permission by Dublin City Council last month to develop two data centre buildings on the site of a former Ricoh building once earmarked for T5’s first Eur... More

What are the Most In-Demand AI Skills? (Forbes)

It’s predicted that 97 million jobs involving artificial intelligence will be created between 2022 and 2025. AI has the potential to transform every industry; however, businesses... More

Is Data Scientist Still the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century? (HBR)

Ten years ago, the authors posited that being a data scientist was the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” A decade later, does the claim stand up? The job has grown in populari... More

Emerging Digital Currency Model Requires the Right Infrastructure (Interconnections)

How financial services firms can leverage digital infrastructure and industry ecosystems to launch central bank digital currencies.... More

Bridge the Coder Talent Gap to Accelerate the Innovation of Personalized Experiences

The pressure to innovate and personalize business processes is clashing with the availability of skilled developers. This new reality is driving heightened interest and attention i... More

Six Ways for the CFO to Become a Data-Driven Storyteller (Forbes)

CFOs must understand and internalize the board’s and the CEO’s strategic corporate message, reconcile that narrative with what different stakeholders want to know, curate suppo... More

Why Developers Should Invest In Web3 Skills (Forbes)

Distributed ledgers, blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrency are the new languages underpinning what many see as the future for developers keen to forge a cutting-edge position. While ... More

Smarter Tech Integration Is Critical to M&A Success (SAP Insights)

Digital assets and skills are the targets of today’s merger and acquisition mania. Here are five strategies to avoid IT pitfalls and deliver the full value.... More

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