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The Emergence of the Chief Automation Officer (VentureBeat)

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Keep Sales and IT Teams on the Same Page With These 15 Simple Strategies (Forbes)

Big problems can arise when a company’s sales and IT teams aren’t on the same page. Sales may either oversell or undersell the company’s products or services, or the IT team ... More

The Other Problem With Too Much Tech Talent Turnover: Knowledge Loss (CIO Dive)

Tech worker attrition doesn’t just create skills gaps; it can lead to a loss of corporate knowledge — and a corresponding decline in productivity.... More

AI Becoming Backbone of Products and Services (CIO Dive)

Adoption of AI, long a bold promise for enterprise IT, will accelerate as a component of other products, services and solutions.... More

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7 Tips for Improving IT Resilience in the Digital Era (CIO)

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CIOs Contend With Rising Cloud Costs (CIO)

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Five Key Technologies to Power a Business Transformation (Racontuer)

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