AWS Head of Security Talks Protecting Customers and Data Amid Generative AI (About Amazon)

As the chief information security officer of Amazon Web Services, Chris Betz ensures that the cloud infrastructure operated by AWS is as safe and secure as possible for everyone. T... More

The Evolving Role of Cybersecurity Operations In a Rapidly Changing World (Forbes)

Today’s evolving cyber threat landscape poses a significant challenge to organizations around the world. With the emergence of nefarious AI-powered threats and state-sponsored en... More

Seven Cybersecurity Tips to Strengthen Your Startup’s Security Posture (Forbes)

Startups face unique cybersecurity challenges, primarily because of their limited resources and expertise. They often prioritize rapid growth and innovation over security measures,... More

Gen Z, Millennials are ‘Weak Link’ as AI Fuels New Cyberattack Workplace Threats (Digiday)

New research reveals a growing cybersecurity anxiety among U.S. employees, with younger generations particularly vulnerable to sophisticated AI-powered attacks. Experts emphasize t... More

How Amazon CISO Amy Herzog Responds to Cybersecurity Challenges (CSO)

There is no such thing as a typical career path for many CISOs, and Amy Herzog’s journey is no exception. Herzog is one of several CISOs for Amazon, she is responsible for two la... More

Should Your Organization Start an AI Task Force (Veritone Blog)

The surge in interest surrounding generative AI has sparked the formation of AI task forces across various sectors. Contrary to fears of AI replacing human labor, McKinsey views ge... More

AI System Poisoning is a Growing Threat — is Your Security Regime Ready? (CSO Online)

NIST, security leaders warn that hackers will launch more poisoning attacks as artificial intelligence use increases, testing the strength of today’s security programs.... More

Attackers Target Check Point VPNs to Access Corporate Networks (Dark Reading)

Using VPNs as an initial access vector is ironic, given that security is the very reason enterprises employ them in the first place.... More

One CISO Can’t Fill Your Board’s Cybersecurity Gaps (MIT)

Adding a chief information security officer to a board is a popular move, but it’s not enough to improve cyber resilience.... More

The Art of Saying No is a Powerful Tool for the CISO in the Era of AI (CSO)

Moving fast can be a good thing but not at the cost of security — as the AI boom puts immense pressure on product teams to quickly bring products to market ahead of competitors, ... More

How Secure Is the Metaverse?: A Look at Cyber Threats and Defenses (Forbes)

As the Metaverse grows, it brings along several cybersecurity challenges. Privacy concerns are paramount, with users' personal data at risk of being exposed. Data breaches pose a m... More

How is AI Transforming Cybersecurity? (FastCompany)

AI is starting to feature a lot in cybersecurity. Here are a few areas where AI can help provide value.... More

3 Tips for Becoming the Champion of Your Organization’s AI Committee (Dark Reading)

CISOs are now considered part of the organizational executive leadership and have both the responsibility and the opportunity to drive not just security but business success.... More

Deepfake Scams Have Robbed Companies of Millions (CNBC)

A growing wave of deepfake scams has looted millions of dollars from companies worldwide, and cybersecurity experts warn it could get worse as criminals exploit generative AI for f... More

Generative AI and Data Protection: What are the Biggest Risks for Employers? (Forbes)

If you’re an employer tempted to experiment with generative AI tools like ChatGPT, there are certain data protection pitfalls that you’ll need to consider. With an increase in ... More

10 Most Difficult-to-Fill IT Roles — and How to Address the Gap (CIO)

With AI, cybersecurity, and data analytics talent in short supply, IT leaders are upskilling, recruiting from the business, highlighting culture, and relying on contractors to secu... More

Adobe Global Chief Cybersecurity Legal and Privacy Officer Nubiaa Shabaka on Trust, Data Security, AI (Forbes)

While cybersecurity and privacy are two different aspects in dealing with data, Nubiaa Shabaka says they fit well together. She’s a vice president at Adobe, serving as the compan... More

How AI Is Transforming Novice Hackers Into Turbocharged Attackers (Verimatrix Insights)

Today, using pretty basic skills and decent prompting capabilities for AI, it’s possible for novice hackers by the thousands to quickly gain the advanced blueprints needed to bec... More

GDPR Turns Six: Does the EU’s Regulation Work with AI and Cyber? (Verdict)

Six years on, how is the EU's landmark regulation working with the rapidly changing AI and cyber landscape?... More

Five Ways Criminals are Using AI (MIT Technology Review)

Generative AI has made phishing, scamming, and doxxing easier than ever.... More

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