AI: Cybersecurity Threat or Opportunity? (Fast Company)

Artificial intelligence is having a profound impact that can’t be underestimated, prompting the question of whether it is beneficial or a curse to cybersecurity. To gain a better... More

UK and Allies Launch Cybersecurity Guidelines for AI Developers (Tech Monitor)

It is hoped the new guidance will help AI developers take a 'secure by design' approach to building systems.... More

How AI Can Help Win the War Against Piracy Despite Social Media (Forbes)

As the world of media and entertainment consumption gravitates more and more towards digital channels, it often seems hopeless to be thinking about winning the war against piracy. ... More

New AI Guidelines Focus on Safety and Security of Models, Data (Decipher)

New AI guidelines authored by CISA and the UK’s NCSC stress the importance of secure design, development, deployment, and operation of AI models and tools.... More

The Top U.S. Cybersecurity Agency Has a New Plan for Weaponized AI (Wired)

In its plans to implement a White House executive order, CISA aims to strike a balance between promoting AI adoption for national security and defending against its malicious use.... More

The AI Security Threat: Should Businesses be Worried? (Forbes)

Almost a third of businesses believe generative AI is one of the biggest security threats they will face in the coming year, according to a new survey. The boom in generative AI se... More

Veritone: What the Latest Executive Order Means for the AI Industry

The order contains eight key areas that set out guidelines and regulations on how the federal government intends to protect citizens and the labor force from the unethical use of A... More

White House AI Executive Order Puts Focus on Cybersecurity (Decipher)

The level of popularity and hype surrounding generative AI has led to many technology companies racing to invest in this area. However, questions remain about the practical use cas... More

Regulate AI? Here’s What That Might Mean in the U.S. (Bloomberg)

Governments don’t have a great track record of keeping up with emerging technology. But the complex, rapidly evolving field of AI raises issues that can’t be ignored.... More

How Businesses Can Stay on the Right Side of AI Law (Raconteur)

Although advances in artificial intelligence offer them ever more profit potential, firms must also prepare for the day of regulatory reckoning. How can business leaders get the ba... More

Don’t Let Crypto Scammers Take Your Money (Digital Silence Blog)

Cybercriminals are using cryptocurrency scams to cheat tens of thousands of people — and sometimes walk away with their victims’ life savings.... More

This Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Don’t Lose Sight of Human Risk (Dark Reading)

Organizations should focus on four key areas to advance employee education and "cyber smartness."... More

Generative AI Phishing Fears Realized as Model Develops ‘Highly Convincing’ Emails in 5 Minutes (CSO Online)

Security leaders’ concerns about generative AI’s potential to create more sophisticated email attacks are well justified.... More

Microsoft Launches AI Content Safety Service (Computerworld)

The service includes text and image detection and identifies content that Microsoft terms “offensive, risky, or undesirable,” including profanity, adult content, gore, violence... More

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