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Riscure: DRM Security Trends and Future

Digital rights management (DRM) is known to protect and encrypt content in order to deliver it to the device. DRM’s main purpose is to close the gaps in content protection strate... More

ME-ISAC Details New Member Portal June 28

The Media & Entertainment Information Sharing Analysis Center (ME-ISAC) has launched a new member portal, and at its June 28 monthly meeting, Neal Dennis, a threat intelligence... More

HITS Spring: LMT Metadata Table Continues to Make Strides

MESA’s Language LMT Metadata Table (LMT) Working Group is moving fast, with more languages being added to serve the media and entertainment (M&E) sector and beyond all the ti... More

Fortinet Global Survey: 93% of OT Organisations Hit with Intrusion

More than 90 percent of operational technology (OT) organisations worldwide have experienced some sort of cybersecurity intrusion over the past 12 months, and nearly 80 percent hav... More

Global M+E Day: Box Steps Up to Serve Distributed Teams

At the 8th June Global Media & Entertainment Day, held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London and via the MESAverse virtual platform, Box’s Diego Dugatkin, SVP and chief product... More

Language Metadata Table Featured in DAM Journal

The Language Metadata Table (LMT) will be featured in the latest edition of the Henry Stewart “Journal of Digital Media Management,” a quarterly, 100-plus-page peer-reviewed, p... More

Technicolor to Become VANTIVA

Following the late-February spin-off of Technicolor Creative Studios, the remaining Connected Home and physical disc services operations of Technicolor will re-brand into VANTIVA, ... More

HITS Spring: How Metal Toad, AWS Use Machine Learning to Moderate Online Content

Every individual and company today is creating more and more content and distributing that content faster than ever. But that increase in content creation and distribution is makin... More

Video Security Summit Kicks Off June 14

The 2022 Video Security Summit, industry’s only all-digital event dedicated specifically to piracy, is set for June 14, 7:30-11:30 a.m. PT, with a host of experts set to speak on... More

BB: Europe Sees Influx of New Streaming Services

Media and entertainment consulting firm BB (Business Bureau) has debuted its latest “Multiscreens+ Platform Essentials” report, looking at the breakdown of new services that de... More

HITS Spring: Whip Media Explores the Path of Content Traveling Globally

While worldwide demand for content and programming continues to grow, a shift in what content resonates with viewers in any given country is changing, according to Alisa Joseph, SV... More

Box Brings Content Insights to 8 June M+E Day

During the 8 June Global Media & Entertainment Day at the Royal Garden Hotel in London — and online via the MESAverse platform — the experts at Box will bring their insights in... More

Visual Collaboration Trumps Video Conferencing

The digital transformation of work being pushed by the impacts of the pandemic has resulted in the new way many people work. Knowledge workers can work remotely and are often more ... More

Futuresource Analyst Offers NAB Perspectives at M+E Day Event

Chris Evans, senior market analyst for Futuresource Consulting, will offer up perspectives on what came out of the April NAB Show, during a presentation 8 June at the Global Media ... More

BB Report: Dozen New Streaming Platforms Found in April

In April, while the CNN+ service was shuttering weeks after launch, a dozen new streaming platforms were found in the worldwide market, according to the Multiscreens+ | Platform Es... More

NAB 2022: PacketFabric, MEDCA Explore Intelligent Content Production

Smart stages and movie/broadcast campuses have become a reality over the past couple of years as the Internet of Things (IoT) finally entered the production process. During the ... More

BB: Europe Dominates First Quarter Title Count

Media and entertainment consulting firm BB (Business Bureau) has debuted its latest “Multi-screens+ Content Pulse” data chart, looking at the breakdown of first quarter movies ... More

NAB 2022: Eluvio, Zixi, Arch Platform Technologies Round Out the Show

LAS VEGAS — From the cloud to the blockchain, from cybersecurity to anti-piracy, MESA members showcased technology for every corner of the Industry at the NAB Show. (more…... More

NAB 2022: BeBanjo, LucidLink, EditShare, Dolby, BeBop Technology Offer Insights

LAS VEGAS — With more than 50,000 registered attendees, the first in-person NAB Show in years was an unqualified success. And MESA members came well-prepared, with new and revamp... More

Whip Media, Accenture: Streaming’s Complex Consumer

A new white paper from Accenture and Whip Media explores why relying on the relatively narrow set of data that comes from just one streaming service isn’t enough, and that platfo... More

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