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M&E Journal: High Risk, High Reward

When 71-year-old Bob Iger jumps on the bandwagon and joins a virtual avatar company, it’s a sign the metaverse has morphed into the next big thing in tech. Maybe it doesn’t ... More

Global M+E Day: Signiant Brings Cloud Knowledge

At the June 8 Global Media & Entertainment Day, held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London and via the MESAverse virtual platform, Rick Capstraw, chief growth officer for Signian... More

ME-ISAC Details New Member Portal June 28

The Media & Entertainment Information Sharing Analysis Center (ME-ISAC) has launched a new member portal, and at its June 28 monthly meeting, Neal Dennis, a threat intelligence... More

HITS Spring: Scan Truck Drives From Reality to the Metaverse

It takes a whole village of professionals to deliver the cutting-edge technologies involved in delivering the highest-quality 3D assets for commercials, feature films, TV shows, vi... More

EZDRM: Creating and Maintaining the Content Protection Envelope

Digital rights management (DRM) technology helps to enforce the business rules of a video service provider and the rights of the ultimate content owners. And while protecting your ... More

HITS Spring: Data and AI Play Key Roles in Winning the Battle for Consumer, Advertiser Attention

Each content company today is engaged in a battle over audience attention for their direct-to-consumer businesses and their advertising ecosystem is under more pressure now than ev... More

HITS Spring: MicroStrategy Explains the Importance of Navigating Data With the Right Analytics Solution

The data analytics marketplace sometimes looks a lot like an obstacle course. That’s because, with so many vendors claiming to have the correct tool to solve almost any issue, it... More

Global M+E Day: Whip Media Notes Streaming Data Trends

At the June 8 Global Media & Entertainment Day, held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London and via the MESAverse virtual platform, Paul Hastings, SVP of global sales for Whip Med... More

Digital Silence: Doing Cybersecurity ‘Right’

What do you get when you mix broad business savvy with a sophisticated understanding of today’s threat actors? Denver-based boutique cybersecurity firm Digital Silence, who, in j... More

HITS Spring: Amazon, ICVR Explore the Evolution of Entertainment Workflows

Amid much fanfare during the pandemic with revolutionary production techniques using game engine backbones, virtual production was largely hailed as the next big thing that will im... More

Global M+E Day: Futuresource Touches on Major NAB Show Trends

Even in a normal year, packing in all the industry trends and emerging technologies that come out of the NAB Show into one 30-minute overview is a tremendous challenge. For Chri... More

Iyuno-SDI Offers ‘A Simplified Look at the Subtitling Production Process’

Localization specialist Iyuno-SDI has debuted a new white paper offering a simplified overview of the art and science behind subtitling, with the hope of eliminating some false per... More

HITS Spring: How Metal Toad, AWS Use Machine Learning to Moderate Online Content

Every individual and company today is creating more and more content and distributing that content faster than ever. But that increase in content creation and distribution is makin... More

HITS Spring: The Metaverse is Just Getting Started, MESA and ICVR Say

Most of our business interactions during the pandemic became increasingly local while expanding globally at the exact same time thanks to new collaboration tools. (more…)... More

HITS Spring: NFTs Aren’t a Fad and the Tech is ‘Here to Stay,’ Lionsgate Says

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) aren’t a fad and media and entertainment companies should embrace them and use them to enhance the content and experiences they provide to consumers, a... More

From Cloud to Security, Global M+E Day Program Covers It All

During the June 8 Global Media & Entertainment Day at the Royal Garden Hotel in London — and online via the MESAverse platform — attendees will be greeted with a half-day progr... More

HITS Spring: VR Execs Explore What the Metaverse Means IRL

The increasing traction that the metaverse is getting stands to have major implications for the real world -- in real life (IRL) -- also, according to executives from virtual reali... More

Box Brings Content Insights to June 8 M+E Day

During the June 8 Global Media & Entertainment Day at the Royal Garden Hotel in London — and online via the MESAverse platform — the experts at Box will bring their insights in... More

MESA’s Spring M+E Journal Goes Live

The spring edition of the “M&E Journal,” published by MESA and geared toward senior media and entertainment executives who oversee their companies’ digital futures, is now av... More

Visual Collaboration Trumps Video Conferencing

The digital transformation of work being pushed by the impacts of the pandemic has resulted in the new way many people work. Knowledge workers can work remotely and are often more ... More

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