Ransomware Reaches New Heights (Dark Reading)

Ransomware is on track to victimize more organizations in 2023, while attackers rapidly escalate their attacks to wreak widespread damage before defenders can even detect an infect... More

Advice For CIOs: Protect Your Data from Different Ransomware Attacks (Huawei Blog)

When ransomware strikes, it steals and encrypts valuable data that can only be decrypted by paying a ransom. According to the Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2022 released by World Ec... More

Videocites, DAZN Group Team Against Piracy

Sports streaming service DAZN Grouo and automated content detection specialist Videocites have announced a strategic partnership to intensify Dazn’s battle against intellectual p... More

5 Ransomware Protection Strategies for 2023 (Fortinet Blog)

If the growth of ransomware attacks in 2022 indicates what the future holds, security teams everywhere should expect to see this attack vector become even more popular in 2023. In ... More

Vishing With Synthetic Voice (Richie May Blog)

Vishing social engineering phone calls are on the rise and show increasing velocity. Vishing is a type of social engineering attack where a malicious attacker calls their target to... More

What Hurricane Preparedness Can Teach Us About Ransomware (Security Intelligence)

While we can’t equate the potential impact of a cyberattack to that of a hurricane, there is much that security leaders and teams can learn from existing physical disaster prepar... More

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