Ransomware Attacks on Retailers Rose 75% in 2021 (CSO)

Securing cyberinsurance coverage for retail organizations has become difficult because of the increasing number of attacks.... More

IBM Security Leader Talks Political Impact on Fintech (FM)

Corey Hamilton, Partner Director, IBM Security Services, discusses how political instability is de-stabilising fintech and the sectors most at risk.... More

Convergent Risks Expands AppSec Services With New Hire

Convergent Risks, a leading provider of site, cloud and application security assurance and testing services for the media and entertainment supply chain, has expanded its applicati... More

Vision Media Selects EZDRM to Offer Robust Video Security

Vision Media has recently selected EZDRM to help add an additional level of workflow integration to their leading secure screening platform. Vision Media is working with EZDRM to i... More

5 Key Considerations for Your 2023 Cybersecurity Budget Planning (CSO)

An evolving threat landscape, regulatory requirement changes, and increases in cyber insurance are among leading factors that will impact next year's security budget.... More

DeepFake Epidemic is Looming – And Adobe is Preparing for the Worst (Forbes)

“You can argue that the most important thing on the Internet now is authentication of content,” Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen tells Forbes. “When we create the world's content, ... More

Tips for Managing Unstructured Data Security (archTIS Blog)

Unstructured data security should include stringent centralized access controls and protections to ensure only the right users – have access to the right content – at the right... More

Companies Cannot See – or Protect – Nearly Half of All Device Endpoints (CD)

The average U.S. enterprise is running about 135,000 endpoint devices, half of which IT departments cannot observe , leaving security operations staff unable to detect threats or e... More

Denuvo by Irdeto Launches New Solution to Protect Downloadable Content Against Piracy

Denuvo by Irdeto announced the launch of pioneering technology to protect downloadable content against piracy. Denuvo SecureDLC is the first of its kind in the gaming market and pr... More

Ransomware is the Biggest Global Cyber Threat (ZDNet)

Ransomware is the biggest cybersecurity threat facing the world today, with the potential to significantly affect whole societies and economies – and the attacks are unrelenting,... More

Ransomware Groups Shift Tactics and Objectives (Cybersecurity Dive)

Malware can play a major or nonexistent role in ransomware attacks. Threat actors are often only in it for the money.... More

Checklist for Selecting a Vulnerability Management Solution (Edgescan Blog)

In 2022, there have been leaps and bounds made with more robust and complete Vulnerability Management solutions. The Global 3000 Enterprise now has the luxury to expect the solutio... More

Data Reform Bill Proposes GDPR Changes (RL)

The government has published a data reform bill to change the UK’s data laws post-Brexit. As part of the UK reforms, the bill will seek to cut down on the number of ‘user conse... More

To Retain Cybersecurity Employees, Know What Drives Them (Security Intelligence)

It’s hard to know for sure, but based on a recent survey, it appears that 2020 and 2021 were a ‘blip’ on the satisfaction meter, with downward trends back again. Today, pande... More

How Do Meltdown and Spectre Haunt Anti-Cheat? (Irdeto Blog)

One of the tactics widely used by cheaters in multiplayer games is modifying the software loaded into memory by overwriting the original code of the process, or by injecting their ... More

An Emerging Threat: Attacking 5G Via Network Slices (Dark Reading)

A successful attack against 5G networks could disrupt critical infrastructure, manipulate sensor data, or even cause physical harm to humans.... More

Can the New National Cyber Strategy Make the UK a Security Leader? (Raconteur)

Are the UK’s latest plans to develop the country’s cyber capabilities sufficient to deal with the latest digital threats?... More

The Ransomware Dilemma (MIT)

The decision on whether to pay up when cybercriminals hold data hostage is shaped by choices leaders made long before an attack.... More

SEO-Savvy Threat Actors Drive Surge in Malware Downloads (CD)

Cybercriminals are using simple but enduring techniques for search engine optimization to lure individuals to phishing scams and malware downloads, resulting in a sharp increase in... More

Ransomware is the Biggest Cybersecurity Pain Point in India: IBM Security’s Chris Hockings (ET)

The biggest cybersecurity pain point in India relates to ransomware and IBM found that ransomware gangs would persist on average 17 months on a particular ransomware approach, befo... More

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