Few CFOs Control Cybersecurity Budgets (CD)

Tech executives, not CFOs, most often call the shots on cybersecurity spending at middle market companies, according to a recent RSM US survey.... More

Irdeto, Velociti Partner to Revolutionize Fleet Management by Building a Keyless Future

Irdeto announced a strategic partnership with Velociti, which will now handle the deployment and ongoing maintenance of Keystone by Irdeto, a keyless solution for fleet management.... More

5 Predictions: How AI, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Could Transform Legal Practices (KPMG)

Today’s legal teams are challenged by rapid technological innovations. Generative AI and other new technologies are being adopted across legal functions and broader businesses at... More

Strengthen Your Content Protection Strategy Beyond DRM: A Holistic Approach (NAGRA Blog)

In today's digital age, where the consumption of media content has shifted towards streaming platforms, the importance of safeguarding digital assets against piracy cannot be overs... More

Resillion, Fraunhofer IIS Partnership Makes MPEG-H Audio Test Material Available to Ensure ATSC 3.0 Receiver Conformance, Interoperability

Resillion and Fraunhofer IIS have collaborated to create MPEG-H Audio Test Material packaged as ATSC 3.0 streams for receiver testing. MPEG-H Audio is in use in South Korea and the... More

CISO Role Shows Significant Gains Amid Corporate Recognition of Cyber Risk (CD)

CISOs and other management level cybersecurity executives are gaining more influence and importance as companies have begun to recognize the need for strong cyber governance and ov... More

Why Cultural Institutions are Rich Targets for Cyberattackers (IW)

Physical security isn’t the only way museums, galleries, and theaters need to protect their precious assets.... More

Boards Need to Brush Up on Cybersecurity Governance, Survey Finds (TTV)

SEC cyber disclosure rules are calling attention to corporate boards’ need to enhance their approach to cybersecurity oversight and compliance.... More

Can We Predict Defects Before Software Gets Into Production? (Resillion Blog)

In the fast-evolving world of software development, the quest for flawless code remains paramount. As we push the boundaries of technology, the complexity of software systems grows... More

Embracing the Future: AV1 with HLS and FairPlay, and Its Impact on the Future of Streaming (BuyDRM Blog)

Designed to replace legacy codecs like H.264/AVC and compete with newer ones like H.265/HEVC and VP9, AV1 aims to deliver superior video quality at lower bitrates, making it an att... More

Fortinet: Top 5 SASE Trends in 2024

With the first quarter of 2024 coming to an end, we can now predict with a fair amount of accuracy what the key secure access service edge (SASE) trends of the year will be.... More

Phishing Remains Top Route to Initial Access (CD)

Tricking individuals to reveal sensitive information or grant access to systems doesn’t require technical expertise. These lures turn human behavior and trust into a weapon.... More

Puppet’s 2024 State of DevOps Report Reveals Security is Strengthened by Platform Engineering

Puppet by Perforce announced the findings of the global 2024 State of DevOps Report: The Evolution of Platform Engineering. This report follows the continued maturity of platform e... More

Fastly Wins at the 2024 DEVIES Awards

Fastly OHTTP Relay won the 2024 DEVIES award for best innovation in services: application development! The OHTTP provides fast, reliable separation and isolation of data about who ... More

CISOs Tackle Compliance With Cyber Guidelines (IW)

The more information chief information security officers can uncover about their security and tech stack, the better off they will be.... More

FortiFlex: More Solutions Now Available Through Fortinet’s Flexible Licensing Program

People, data, and devices are everywhere, requiring organizations to frequently evolve their business strategies to meet new demands. At the same time, cybercriminals are advancing... More

When it Comes to OT, if You’re Standing Still, You’re Falling Behind (Fortinet Blog)

With the rise of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and the proliferation of connected industrial devices, OT security is more important than ever.... More

Deepfake-Generating Apps Explode, Allowing Multimillion-Dollar Corporate Heists (DarkReading)

Deepfakes are fast becoming more realistic, and access to them more democratic, enabling even ordinary attackers to enact major fraud. What's the most effective way to fight back?... More

One Third of Streamers Still Sharing Passwords (TV Tech)

Amid a crackdown on password sharing nearly half were very worried or somewhat worried that streaming services would crackdown on the practice, according to Horowitz.... More

Wasabi: 7 Reasons to Use Backup as a Service

The main upside to using an “As-a-Service” service is that you only pay for what you use, eliminating the significant upfront cost and barrier to entry. For corporate data back... More

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