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Microsoft, Content Players Highlight Dec. 8 Content Protection Summit Program

Keynotes from the CEO of Mytonomy and the chairman of the U.S. Technology Leadership Council, presentations on storytelling and content protection from Microsoft, presenters from Legendary, Amblin and Discovery, and anti-piracy and other insights from 15-plus Hollywood vendors.

Those are among the many program highlights of the Dec. 8 virtual Content Protection Summit where experts on crucial remote working M&E security topics surrounding protecting against insider threats, standards for remote access, the importance of security assessments, and more will be on hand. Continue reading

Microsoft GM to Highlight Storytelling Strategy at Dec. 8 CPS

Microsoft’s strategy around engagement across all of its products, platforms and business offerings relies on two pillars — Innovation and culture — and five Ps: People, Place, Pictures, Personal and Platform, according to Steve Clayton, chief storyteller and GM of Microsoft’s innovation, culture and stories team.

During a main stage presentation at the Dec. 8 virtual Content Protection Summit he’ll share the company’s philosophy of storytelling, along with examples of how Microsoft has put its concept into action across owned, earned, digital and physical storytelling mediums alike. Continue reading

Mytonomy CEO, U.S. Tech Council Leader to Keynote Dec. 8 Content Protection Summit

The CEO of SaaS platform firm Mytonomy, and innovation speaker and chairman of the board of the U.S. Technology Leadership Council will bookend the main stage programming of the Dec. 8 virtual Content Protection Summit, with a pair of keynote addresses that will examine today’s security challenges in light of the pandemic.
Continue reading

Crisis Turned Catalyst: Content Protection Summit Returns — Virtually — Dec. 8

After the onset of the pandemic, media and entertainment teams scrambled to facilitate a full work-from-home reality, from upending previously established workflows, to adoption of new tools to enable remote collaboration and production. And that required a reevaluation of how the industry approaches cybersecurity and content protection.

Months later, now that the industry isn’t simply scrambling to react, those in the business of content protection and cybersecurity have not only kept pace, but discovered innovative ways of keeping workflows and assets secure along the way. Continue reading