Gabe Elton, BuyDRM

Gabe Elton,
Director of Sales,

Gabe Elton is the Director of Global Sales for BuyDRM. During his six-year tenure with the company, Gabe has helped media brands around the world deploy the suite of services and solutions offered as part of the KeyOS product portfolio. His deep understanding of video workflows and ecosystems allows him to offer timely advice so that potential customers can be up and running with minimal effort or disruption to their current architecture. With direct customers on every continent and dozens of countries, Gabe knows how to cater to specific needs through a consultive selling approach that starts with asking the right questions and listening closely to better understand the pain points that he can solve. As a streaming media veteran, Gabe helps future-proof projects with a focus on securing digital video pipelines. Gabe lives in Whitney, Texas with his wife Rachel and their dog Levi.


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