How Enterprise Design Thinking Can Improve Data Security Solutions (Security Intelligence)

Design must serve people. It simply makes sense that a well-designed product can meet the needs of the people using it well. This is very key in cybersecurity, and in data security... More

5 Ways to Overcome Cloud Security Challenges (Security Intelligence)

During the second quarter of 2020 — for the first time in history — customers worldwide spent more on public cloud systems than on investments in non-cloud IT systems. With mor... More

How to Make Cybersecurity a Top Priority for Boards, CFOs (HBR)

If boards and CFOs learned anything in 2020, it was to expect the unexpected. But to be truly effective, they need to fully understand the risks and view cybersecurity as foundatio... More

Cybersecurity Ethics: Establishing a Code for Your SOC (Security Intelligence)

Since security intersects so much with privacy, cybersecurity ethics decisions should be on your mind at work. Being part of a high-performing computer security incident response t... More

IBM, AWS Collaborate on Security for Hybrid Cloud

IBM Security announced new technology initiatives leveraging AWS, designed to help clients simplify and extend their security visibility across AWS and hybrid cloud environments. (... More

What to Look for in a Security Analytics Provider (Security Intelligence)

Security analytics has always needed to adapt to changing threats, and this year has been no exception. Threat detection, investigation and response are more complex than ever. Ent... More

Adobe Hires New CSO in Mark Adams to Guide the Company in Post-Flash Era (ZDNet)

In his new role at Adobe, Adams will be in full control of the company's security operations and will report to Adobe Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Abhay Parasnis. "He will work c... More

Modernizing Your Security Operations Center for the Cloud (Security Intelligence)

Several factors are converging to exert pressure on how security operations centers (SOCs) traditionally function. Evolving information technology (IT) infrastructure, such as clou... More

Why Do so Few CISOs Become CIOs? (Forbes)

Very few chief information security officers have risen to the ranks of chief information officers. On the one hand, it would seem like a logical progression. CISOs often report to... More

83% of Enterprises Transformed Their Cybersecurity in 2020 (Forbes)

IT leaders are quickly using the lessons learned from the pandemic as a crucible to strengthen cloud transformation and IT modernization strategies. One of every three IT leaders i... More

Viruses You Can Catch Even While Social Distancing (Richey May Blog)

We have all been adjusting to the changes the pandemic has brought. Whether it is extra hand-washing in your daily routine or precaution to grab that door handle, there is still a ... More

Thinking Outside the Dox: What IT Security Can Learn From Doxing (Security Intelligence)

Doxing is rightfully regarded as a dangerous threat, potentially exposing personal information where it shouldn’t be. But, defenses derived from doxing may strengthen corporate c... More

AI Buyer Beware: You are Accountable for How Your AI Works (SAP Insights)

Use caution with systems that combine machine learning, natural language processing, and other AI variants. If your system harms someone, it may be impossible to see what happened.... More

Are Bug Bounty Programs Worth It? (Security Intelligence)

Bug bounty programs are on the rise, and participating security researchers earned big bucks as a result. According to a new report, hackers had collectively earned approximately $... More

Working From Home? Slow Broadband, Remote Security Remain Top Issues (CW)

For workers whose home has become the de facto home office in recent months, broadband connectivity and security are ongoing issues, according to a new survey.... More

Today’s Risk Assessment Goes Beyond Prediction to Intelligence (Security Intelligence)

Risk assessment helps organizations identify, reduce and manage risks to prevent their re-occurrence. To do this, they need to spend a large amount of their IT budget on technologi... More

Paradigm Shift Left VPNs, Edge Security Awaiting Long-Term Strategy (CIO Dive)

Akamai was in the process of redesigning its office space into a more open concept, when COVID-19 eliminated the office environment entirely, said Maha Pula, VP of Solutions Engine... More

Measuring Security Operations Center Effectiveness Globally (Security Intelligence)

Do you know what is it like to measure and optimize global security operations centers (SOCs)? This measurement ensures there’s an end-to-end, streamlined and seamless security w... More

Zero Trust Isn’t Zero Sum: Let User Behavior, Risky Devices Dictate Security Hurdles (Forbes)

We’re going to talk about Zero Trust, but the point here is not to raise your blood pressure; it’s to get some things straight. Everyone’s talking about Zero Trust these days... More

Why Security Needs to be Integral to DevOps (Forbes)

DevOps and security teams need to leave one-time gating inspections in the past and pursue a more collaborative real-time framework to achieve their shared compliance, security and... More

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