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Alibaba CEO: Cloud Computing’s One of the Company’s Three Key ‘Growth Engines’

Alibaba sees cloud computing and data intelligence as one of its three key “growth engines,” Daniel Zhang, the company’s CEO and chairman said Sept. 29 during the Alibaba Inv... More

As Theaters Open, Dedicated Filmgoers Take Their Seats

Finally, things are getting back to normal and we’re able to go to our club to workout. Okay, it’s not completely normal, but it’s a step in the right direction. We can do ou... More

Iyuno Launches New Website, Updates COVID Response

It’s been more than six months since the coronavirus began altering the entertainment industry, like many others, on a global scale. In that time, we’ve focused on guaranteeing... More

M&E Journal: Remote Collaboration and Workflows in the Time of COVID-19

These are difficult times for the M&E industry. While on one hand the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is leading to record consumption patterns and viewing figures, on the other generatin... More

Veritone: How Broadcasters and Advertisers Can Get a Lift

Veritone on Sept. 29 provided a mostly upbeat take on the state of broadcasting and advertising, while offering tips for how broadcasters and advertisers can up their games. “... More

SHIFT to Examine COVID’s Impact on Content Protection at Oct. 20 M&E Day

It’s no secret that content consumption exploded following the onset of pandemic-related stay-at-home orders, with content owners, streaming services, content delivery networks, ... More

Tackling Bias, Mentoring and More at Oct. 7 SoCal Women’s Event

Bias still exists — whether conscious or not — in the hiring process today, yet there may be an unexpected tool to help overcome that problem: artificial intelligence. Midwa... More

M&E Journal: Audio Business Continuity Alliance Prioritizes Localization Professionals

Collaboration among professional audio localization providers going forward can make the most of the lessons we’ve learned along the way. When the COVID-19 pandemic blindsided... More

How Teradici Can Help M&E Companies Achieve Secure Virtual Visualization From Anywhere

With remote capabilities more important for companies than ever before, Teradici’s software, when paired with the Nvidia RTX Server and Quadro RTX 6000 and RTX 8000 graphics ca... More

Zixi, AWS and Verizon Tout the Benefits of 5G

Zixi, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Verizon representatives used a webinar on Sept. 23 to highlight the benefits of 5G and the significant role each company is playing in the promo... More

Whip Media: Unprecedented Changes are Requiring M&E Companies to Change Their Strategies

The enormous changes that are being seen in the media and entertainment industry are requiring M&E companies to reinvent their content supply chains to optimise global distribu... More

People Renewing the Big Screen Experience … Slowly

Give us a hint please! What are all the market analysts and experts measuring when they track Warner’s Tenet in theatres and Disney’s Mulan streamed in the U.S. and in select o... More