CES 2016: DTS Continues To Expand Global Reach Of Highest-Quality Audio (MESA)

DTS, a global leader in high-definition audio technology and solutions, will showcase and be showcased across a wide array of products and services incorporating its premier digita... More

Spotify Announces Database to Properly Manage Royalties (Billboard)

According to sources, Spotify will work in conjunction with the National Music Publishers’ Assn. and other publisher organizations around the globe to build a music publishing da... More

The Magic that Makes Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlists so Damn Good (Quartz)

Automated music recommendations are hardly new, but Spotify seems to have identified the ingredients of a personalized playlist that feel fresh and familiar at the same time. That�... More

Spotify Spotlights Your Listening Data for Its ‘Year in Music’ 2015 (Creativity)

Last week, Spotify announced its annual list of the artists and albums that "won" on the streaming service. Drake rose to the top as 2015's most streamed artist, Rihanna was the mo... More

Why Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlists Are Such A Hit (Fast Company)

Much of the technology that powers Discover Weekly has lived within Spotify for quite some time. But until July, it mostly resided within the depths of the "Discover" tab of the se... More

Spotify Opens Up Its Data Firehose (Re/code)

The modern-day music industry is missing all sorts of stuff it used to have in the old days. Like sales. But the 2015 music industry has at least one thing the CD era didn’t: Lot... More

Spotify Turns Its Recommendation Engine To Concerts (TechCrunch)

Spotify’s ability to personalize its music recommendations is getting another big boost today, with the launch of a new feature that will now point its users to area concerts the... More

A Look at Spotify’s Surprisingly Compelling First Party Data Offering (VAN)

If you are a Spotify user, you may have used the platforms ‘Discover Weekly’ feature. It’s a playlist the music platform’s algorithms generate for you for you based on your... More

How Spotify Built A Best In Class Data Model (ARC)

Context in marketing has proven to be an elusive goal. The Internet is awash in data, but not many companies have effectively figured out how to take that data and build actionable... More

Moneyball: How Spotify’s Data Upends Music Labels And Advertisers (ARC)

Music is a powerful medium. More than any other form of expression, music tells you what you need to know about a person. People define themselves, down to their very essence, by m... More

Streaming + Ticketing + Data: A New Frontier for the Music Industry (Music Business Worldwide)

Music industry… we are entering a new phase of the streaming economy – finally joining the dots between recorded music data and live. It’s a subject that’s gone predominant... More

Electric Jukebox offers ‘Plug-and-Play’ Music Streaming Through Your TV (

A new music streaming device and service has launched in the UK and US today, aimed at people who think Spotify and Apple Music are too expensive and too complicated. Electric Juke... More

Inside Spotify’s Plan To Take On Apple Music (Fast Company)

It's called Fresh Finds. At first glance, it's just another playlist—it could easily be one of the collections hand-curated by Spotify's 32 music editors, or one of its 75 millio... More

Beatport Will Bring Videos, Curated Playlists to Spotify (Billboard)

The partnership teams two ostensible rivals -- a long-established download store which has transitioned into a streaming service and the world's largest on-demand music service -- ... More

Spotify Bites Back at Apple Music with Weekly ‘Mixtape’ Playlist for Each User (The Guardian)

Spotify is launching a feature called Discover Weekly, a new playlist of “new discoveries and deep cuts” for each of its 75 million users, based on their tastes and those of pe... More

Spotify Buys Beats’ Analytics Provider Seed Scientific (TechCrunch)

Spotify wants to own big data about bands. Today it acquired analytics firm Seed Scientific to forge a new Advanced Analytics unit tasked with understanding and improving how artis... More

Spotify Adds Video Streaming, Other Services Built Around Listener Data (AdAge)

Spotify is rolling out a slew of new products, including a video platform, designed to transform the music streaming service into a much broader entertainment system. By adding vid... More

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