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New ATP Tour App Designed by Infosys Brings Fans Closer to Pro Tennis Tours (SSN)

Fans of men’s professional tennis can dive deeper than ever before into the ATP Tour and ATP Challenger Tour following the release of the ATP’s new official mobile app. Develop... More

Disney+ Dazzles, But Hulu is Its Secret Weapon (Bloomberg)

The entertainment giant recognizes that many consumers want more than a single app dedicated to superheroes and G-rated content.... More

SiriusXM Starts Publishing Daily Videos From Dozens of Shows (Variety)

SiriusXM is doubling down on video: The satellite radio service officially announced a new initiative called SiriusXM Video Wednesday, with plans to publish daily videos from dozen... More

Disney’s Massive Streaming Gamble May Change the TV Industry Forever (LA Times)

Television may never be the same. After two years of planning, the Walt Disney Co. has finally launched Disney+, the much anticipated streaming service that marks one of the Burban... More

Data on Our Emotions? The Rise of Affective Computing (Tech HQ)

Machines are being developed that can read our emotions, with applications in healthcare, product research, and safety. ... More

Time to Get Serious About Universal Ad-ID Adoption (Media Post)

Do advertiser and agency creatives need enhanced cross-platform tracking to inform decisions and enhance current and future campaign performance? Does the industry need to deliver ... More

Data from Facebook Pay Will Power its Advertising (Tech HQ)

Every day, users are selling or making purchases online through WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook’s Marketplace. Seeing the opportunity for a new service, Facebook has... More

Is It Time for Voice Technology to Kill Touchscreens? (Forbes)

So important is the interface between humans and the machines we operate, that when a new medium arises that has the power to redefine this interface, it is a real revolution which... More

Disney+ Set for 2020 Asian Expansion (DTE)

Disney+ is to launch in India and Southeast Asia in the second half of 2020 via the Disney-owned Hotstar, according to reports. Titles will be made available via Star India’s pop... More

Peak TV Driving Library Values Sky High (THR)

The proliferation of outlets is propelling double-digit growth in licensing deals for catalog titles on streaming, premium and cable — and it may just be getting started. ... More

AT&T, Disney, Comcast Have Very Different Plans for the Streaming Wars (CNBC)

It might seem like media companies are finally embracing the future as nearly every major programmer is launching a streaming service. But examining the streaming products of AT&T... More

Adobe Photoshop Arrives on the iPad (TechCrunch)

Adobe has released Photoshop for the iPad, after announcing that it would be bringing its popular professional photo-editing software to Apple’s tablets officially last October. ... More

Apple Music Student Subscribers Will Get Apple TV+ for Free (RS)

Apple quietly rolls out its first bundled entertainment offering, giving TV+ to subscribers on its discounted student Music plan at no additional cost.... More

Spotify Kids: Music Streamer Wants to Lure Family-Plan Subscribers With Purpose-Built App (Variety)

Spotify is trying to sell more multi-account family-plan subscriptions — by setting up a special “playground of sound” just for kids. The new Spotify Kids app brings together... More

Why Utilizing Data In Your Digital Marketing Strategy is so Essential (Forbes)

In today’s marketing world, decisions are no longer guided just by hypothesis and past experience. Influential marketing ideas are now determined by analytics and big data. By ut... More

The Streaming Wars are Just Beginning (Reuters)

Apple Inc’s Apple TV+ and Walt Disney Co’s Disney+ will launch competitors to streaming video pioneer Netflix Inc in November. Several others already have hit the market or wil... More

Can Apple Break Into the Streaming Wars? (OZY)

With its launch on Friday, Apple is looking to take on Amazon, Netflix and upcoming entrants such as Disney+ and HBO Max with a slate of expensive and star-studded new series.... More

‘Hey Google, Play SiriusXM’: Google Assistant Adds Radio Giant to Smart Speakers (Billboard)

SiriusXM is coming to Google Assistant-enabled devices including Google Nest smart speakers and displays over the next week, the companies announced. The update gives Google Assist... More

E-Commerce Transformation: ‘The Race Is On,’ Execs Say (CMO)

The challenges for retail companies trying to meet the demands of their customers are changing: previously it was about the individual aspects of buying, and now it’s about integ... More

NFL Turns to Music Streaming Platforms In Effort to Expand Fan Outreach (Forbes)

The most pressing issue among teams and leagues in professional sports is creating a fan experience that keeps people coming back while engaging with fans in new and innovative way... More

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