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BeBanjo: What Does 2023 Have In Store?

VOD has changed consumer behaviour considerably over the last few years – people now expect relevant and high quality content that can be accessed anywhere, at any time and in th... More

BeBanjo Looks Back at 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, we are looking back at some of the key points of the year for BeBanjo – it’s certainly been an exciting year.... More

Taking a True Products Approach (BeBanjo Blog)

BeBanjo is in the process of rolling out a revamped version of one of our their modules Schedule. They've refreshed the user interface by introducing some great new features.... More

BeBanjo Continues to Expand

With plenty to do in both Products and Projects items, BeBanjo welcomes 5 new developers to the team this Autumn.... More

Rising Cost of Living Forces VOD Companies to Re-Think Business Models (BeBanjo Blog)

Whilst we may have always known that not all consumers would keep all of the subscription services they signed up for during the pandemic, this trend seems to be accelerating due ... More

BeBanjo: Scaling up VOD Operations; Systems, Processes for High Efficiency

This white paper explores the key challenges faced by ops teams in VOD businesses with high growth ambitions and offers some pointers to overcome them. Your Video on Demand (VOD... More

Mediagenix, BeBanjo Join Forces to Expand Global Product Leadership in Media Business Management Solutions

The Mediagenix acquisition of BeBanjo brings together the best-in-class scheduling and programming solution with the best-in-class cloud native VOD scheduling & planning solution ... More

How to Scale Up Your VOD Operations: Rolling Things Out – It’s All About People… (BeBanjo Blog)

When it comes to rolling out any major changes in the workplace, you should aim for a gradual roll-out of integrations and automations – no-one likes a high-risk big bang approac... More

How to Scale Up Your VOD Operations: What Do Good Products Look Like? Bespoke Vs. Best of Breed? (BeBanjo Blog)

If your business needs are totally unique in the world, then in-house development might be the only option available to you. But whilst we all like to think that we work for an exc... More

How to Scale Up Your VOD Operations: Mapping Workflows (BeBanjo Blog)

When mapping workflows, we find that legacy content ops processes are often organized around weekly or monthly cycles. Activities are arranged in a sequential order: plan, acquire ... More

How to Scale Up Your VOD Operations: In-House Systems Development (BeBanjo Blog)

Media companies often have significant internal technology capabilities, so in-house development of a bespoke software solution is often seen as a way out of Excel hell. The assump... More

How to Scale Up Your VOD Operations (BeBanjo Blog)

Over the last 12 years, the VoD market has enjoyed significant and consistent growth, driven by widespread take-up of connected devices and – in the last couple of years – by s... More

NAB 2022: BeBanjo, LucidLink, EditShare, Dolby, BeBop Technology Offer Insights

LAS VEGAS — With more than 50,000 registered attendees, the first in-person NAB Show in years was an unqualified success. And MESA members came well-prepared, with new and revamp... More

BeBanjo CEO Talks Plans for the 2022 NAB Show

François Chabat previews some of the new products, technologies, customers and partners highlighted in the company’s NAB Show booth and shares some business and technology trend... More

BeBanjo Talks Global Expansion Tools at EIDR APM

At the March 10 EIDR Annual Participant Meeting in Los Angeles, Dan Meyer, head of sales for BeBanjo will offer attendees some insights into the tools available that can help strea... More

BeBanjo Partners With Lotier International to Accelerate Sales in Brazil, South America

The deal aims to bring better operational control and efficiency to VOD and TV professionals in the region, where content companies are now dealing with more VOD services than ever... More

Scaling Up VOD Operations: Systems and Processes for High Efficiency (BeBanjo Blog)

BeBanjo has published a new white paper to share their experience working with some of the world’s leading VOD businesses and outline the key challenges their ops teams face, alo... More

BeBanjo Discusses Predictions for 2022

In a relatively short time, streaming has upended the TV viewing habits of a global audience and is likely to continue to disrupt the market. To mark the start of the new year, BeB... More

BeBanjo: Optimizing the Non-Linear Planning Process is a Key to Success

One element that can help broadcasters, telco’s and over-the-top (OTT) operators compete is optimizing their non-linear planning processes, which provides a long-term strategic a... More

BeBanjo to Talk Optimizing Non-Linear Process at March 16 SCS

The ability for broadcasters and OTT operators alike to streamline their operations, drive efficiencies, and exploit their catalog as much as possible has become paramount in today... More