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Adobe is Bringing Camera Raw Editing to Photoshop on the iPad (Engadget)

Ahead of its Max conference on October 26th, Adobe has shared a preview of a feature that’s coming to Photoshop on the iPad, and it’s a big one. You'll soon be able to use its ... More

Adobe Updates Photoshop on iPad With Refine Edge, Rotate Canvas Tools (9to5Mac)

Adobe is updating Photoshop on iPad with two major features creatives have been asking for: the Refine Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas tools. Photoshop on iPad customers should expect... More

Why the iPad is Still Shaping the Future of Computing (Fast Company)

Sales of Apple’s tablet peaked in 2012. But the computers we’ll use in 2030—regardless of maker—will look more like an iPad than your trusty old laptop. ... More

Adobe Brings More Desktop-Quality Photoshop Tools to the iPad (Engadget)

Photoshop turns 30 today, and Adobe is celebrating with some worthwhile updates to the photo-editing app on both the desktop and iPad. The company has been focused on improving tha... More

Adobe Plans to Launch Illustrator App for iPad After Photoshop (Bloomberg)

Adobe has picked Illustrator as the next major application it will put on Apple Inc.’s iPad, the latest effort to create a version of the software maker’s top desktop products ... More

Adobe Fresco is a New iPad App for People Who Can’t Draw (FastCompany)

You used to draw more, and Adobe knows it. Surveying more than 2,500 people in the U.S., the company learned that while half of us reported painting and drawing every week as child... More

Adobe’s New Painting App a Tantalizing Sneak Peek at the iPad’s Future (Gizmodo)

First announced last October, Adobe Fresco is the company’s next-generation painting and illustration app for tablets that harnesses AI smarts to allow artists to work with digit... More

Adobe Fresco Brings the Joy of Painting to the iPad (The Verge)

Formerly called Project Gemini, Adobe Fresco’s main selling point is its Live brushes, which use Adobe Sensei’s AI platform to produce those realistic watercolor and oil paint ... More

Adobe’s Upcoming iPad Painting App is Called Adobe Fresco (Engadget)

Adobe's forthcoming iPad art app - Project Gemini - is being rebranded as Adobe Fresco, a nod to the centuries-old Italian painting technique. The company revealed that the latest ... More

Apple Breaks Up iTunes, Touts HDR, ML, VR Enhancements

Apple touted multiple enhancements to its hardware and software that included augmented reality (AR), High Dynamic Range (HDR), machine learning (ML), Ultra High-Def (UHD) and virt... More

Adobe’s Photoshop for the iPad is Taking Beta Test Applications (The Verge)

Adobe’s Photoshop CC for the iPad is slated for release sometime this year, and the company is now accepting applications for beta testers. Photoshop CC for the iPad is a more po... More

Apple Makes Another Play for Hardcore Gamers with Latest iPads (Forbes)

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Apple is using its latest spec-busting hardware to appeal to hard-core gamers who actually care about such things. Except the world's most ... More

Apple Unveils New iPad Pro Tablets, MacBook Air Notebook (Variety)

Apple’s is heavily reliant on its popular iPhone — but the tech giant hasn’t forgotten about its iPads and Mac computers. Now it’s looking to reinvigorate those product lin... More

The iPad is Getting Full Version of Photoshop Next Year (CNBC)

Adobe announced on Monday that it will release a full version of its Photoshop editing software for the Apple iPad next year. Photoshop is currently available for the iPad, but it ... More

Adobe to Launch Photoshop for iPad in Strategy Shift (Bloomberg)

Adobe, the maker of popular digital design programs for creatives, is planning to launch the full version of its Photoshop app for Apple's iPad as part of a new strategy to make it... More

Apple Tries to Win Back Students and Teachers with Low-Cost iPad (Bloomberg)

Apple Inc. is preparing to introduce new low-cost iPads and education software next week in a bid to win back students and teachers from Google and Microsoft Corp. In its first ... More

Apple, Accenture Team Up on iPhone, iPad Apps for Businesses (NYT)

Technology company Apple Inc and professional services company Accenture PLC said Tuesday they will team up to help businesses build better applications for iOS, the operating syst... More

The iPad Takes A Big Step Toward Being the Computer for Everyone (The Verge)

The iPad has never been a full-fledged computer. At its launch back in 2010, it was mocked for having a large screen without a typical large-screen operating system like macOS or W... More

Why the iPad is Still Important to Apple’s Future (Fast Company)

Apple’s refresh of its iPad line is about more than just demonstrating the company’s faith in the product—it’s also about the company trying to crack the enterprise market.... More

Apple is Pushing iPad Like Never Before (Above Avalon)

Apple is pulling out all the stops when it comes to selling iPad. We are seeing the company take its most aggressive stance yet in getting existing iPad owners to upgrade. For the ... More