Global Localisation, Impact of UK Regulations Highlight Smart Content Summit EU Programme

The impact and evolution of global localisation. Using data to drive business. The acceleration of the smart supply chain. And how new access service regulations in the UK are impacting media and entertainment.

Those are just a few of the topics on hand at the 5th Nov. Smart Content Summit EU — an annual gathering of the entertainment industry’s top minds in the areas of big data, AI, machine learning, automation and blockchain, this time with a European focus — with the event featuring studios, broadcasters and the industry’s top vendors sharing the latest on emerging technologies European media and entertainment players can apply to products, productions and processes.

Following an opening keynote presentation by Mike Forde, strategic advisor to the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs and advisor to McLaren Formula 1’s Applied Technologies division — and longtime director of football operations and executive club director for Chelsea Football Club — Cedric Bendit, head of content operations for ITV and Matt Turner, strategic advisor and technologist, will take part in the panel “Acceleration of the Smart Supply Chain & Corporate Data Culture,” which will examine creative solutions in supply chains, the shift to software development and standards to support them.

Next on the main stage, BBC’s Jonathan Murphy, editorial lead for metadata, and Jeremy Tarling, lead data governance specialist, will discuss “How Metadata is Helping Drive Content Discoverability for BBC Online.”

Afternoon main stage presentations include:

• “The Impact and Evolution of Global Localisation” with Joanna Browne, senior manager of client services for WarnerMedia and Darren Summers, localisation executive with ITV.

• “Impact of New Access Service Regulations in the UK” with Michael Gooding, head of regulatory affairs for A+E Networks UK and Jan-Hendrik Hein, director of media operations for A+E Networks UK, and Amanda Smith, director of language strategy and content business operations for Discovery Communications.

Midway through the program, attendees will have four technology breakout tracks to choose from, featuring 16 vendor and industry expert presentations:

Smart(er) Localisation

“Cloud-Based Audio Recording is Here. Learn how to Maintain your Studio Quality” with Chris Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Localization, Deluxe.

“Bringing the Studio Dubbing Experience to your Home” with Marlies Schortinghuis, Director of Activation, Executive Chairman Office, IYUNO Media Group.

“Localisation Vendors Challenges And Opportunities – A Deep Look into Small-Mid Sized Studios/Companies” with Manel Carreras, Chief Commercial Officer, and Angel Martin, Managing Director, Versioning & Accessibility, Éclair.

“Ripple Effect: The Possibilities of the Connected Virtual Set” with Erik Weaver, Director of Adaptive Production and Special Projects, Entertainment Technology Center @ USC, and Steve Cronan, Chief Executive Officer, 5th Kind.

Assets & Workflow

“Accelerate OTT Licensing ROI: Data-Driven Strategies to Optimise Content Budgets” with Paul Hastings, Senior Vice President, EMEA Sales, Whip Media Group.

“Media Asset Management: Take Control of your Content” with Shubham Bhattacharya, Director, Strategic Portfolio Management, NAGRA.

“Just-in-time Asset to Exhibition for Premium Content” with Michelle Munson, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Eluvio.

“Software-Defined Workflows: Moving from Principles to Practice” with Raymond Drewry, EMEA Operations & Principal Scientist, MovieLabs.

Engagement & Monetisation

“Is Your Data Pulling its Weight?” with Peter Elvidge, Director, Media and Entertainment, Cognizant.

“Evolving Fan Engagement from In-Person to Remote” with Jeff Caldwell, Vice President – Digital Integration and Cloud Partnership, and Eli Young, Director, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, ATMECS.

“Monetising the Digital World, One STOREFRONT at a Time” with Tanya Cornejo, Director, Customer Success, Premiere Digital.

“Delivering New Services without Building New Services” with Richard Kroon, Director of Technical Operations, Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR).

Ai & Metadata

“Leveraging Data to Ensure Broadcast-Quality Delivery Across IP Workflows” with Tim Baldwin, Head of Product, Zixi.

“Making the Most of your Metadata” with Tim Mapley, Director, Business Development, TransPerfect.

“Accelerating Workflows with Language Technology” with Dr. Volker Steinbiss, Managing Director, Applications Technology, AppTek.

“Smart Captioning Using AI & ML” with Russell Vijayan, Head A/I Products and Services, and Russell Wise, Senior Vice President, Digital Nirvana.

Smart Content Summit EU is produced by MESA and MESA Europe, in association with CDSA, HITS and the Smart Content Council, which meets regularly to share best practices, evaluate emerging technologies and collaborate to accelerate the pace of transformation in our industry. The summit is sponsored by ATMECS, Cognizant, Deluxe, Digital Nirvana, Éclair, Eluvio, EIDR, Iyuno Media Group, TransPerfect, NAGRA, Premiere Digital, Zixi, Whip Media Group, AppTek and EIDR.

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