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Massive Facebook Messenger Phishing Operation Generates Millions (BC)

Researchers have uncovered a large-scale phishing operation that abused Facebook and Messenger to lure millions of users to phishing pages, tricking them into entering their accoun... More

More Orgs Suffered Successful Phishing Attacks in 2021 Than in 2020 (Dark Reading)

Threat actors maintained their relentless attacks on enterprise end users for yet another year, new study shows.... More

Phishing Attacks Hit a Huge Number of Businesses Last Year (IT Pro Portal)

In the past year, almost three-quarters (73 percent) of businesses suffered a data breach as a result of a successful phishing campaign. The trend can be partly attributed to remot... More

Too Many Workers are Still Falling Victim to Phishing Attacks (ITProPortal)

Organizations that don’t educate their employees on the dangers of phishing are putting themselves at risk, a report from security training platform KnowBe4 claims.The company re... More

ME-ISAC: How to Protect Yourself and Your Organization From Phishing

Based on the huge number of phishing attacks seen over the past year, it is more important than ever to detect, educate and defeat these attacks on an organization’s employees an... More

This Cybersecurity Threat Costs Business Millions – And It’s The One They Often Forget About (ZDNet)

Phishing emails that dupe users into sending cyber criminals wire transfers is by far the most lucrative form of cybercrime - here's what you need to know.... More

Phishing Isn’t Going Anywhere – It’s Just Getting More Sophisticated (TechHQ)

Phishing attacks have grown increasingly more sophisticated over the years. Usually targeting us on emails, sometimes via text messages, they attempt to lure users into providing s... More

Why Remote Working is Making it Harder for You to Spot Phony Emails (ZDNet)

The number of phishing attacks and other email-based cyber-criminal campaigns continues to rise, with most organisations having witnessed an increase over the past year – but des... More

Why Phishing Threatens Your Brand’s Integrity (CPO)

Phishing is one of those attack vectors that keep evolving and multiplying. Because it’s been around for so long, many security and privacy professionals underestimate how effect... More

Phishing Trends Position ISPs to Protect Subscribers (Akamai Blog)

Akamai just released the 2019 State of the Internet security report: Phishing - Baiting the Hook featuring findings from the enterprise and carrier research teams. They've been col... More

Akamai: Cybercriminals Use Enterprise-Based Strategies for Phishing

Cybercriminals are developing custom tools to target tech brands and victimize their users, using enterprise-based deployment strategies, including phishing as a service (PaaS), ac... More

Phishers Play on Emotions to Fool Victims (Decipher)

Phishing has proven to be one of the more difficult security problems to solve, and new research from Google shows that it’s not just because humans are gullible. It turns out th... More

Study: 57% of IT Workers Who Get Phished Don’t Change Their Password Behaviors (Tech Republic)

Despite the wide-ranging effects of the Facebook data privacy scandal, only one-fifth of people are concerned over privacy issues related to social media use, according to a new st... More

Why Phishing Works: It Exploits Human Gullibility (Avanade Insights)

Phishing has evolved from a scatter-gun approach as a generic email sent to millions of people with the expectation of a low percentage of hits to a targeted campaign designed to e... More

How to Stay One Step Ahead of Phishing Websites – Literally (Security Intelligence)

Phishing scams are more advanced and widespread than ever, and threat actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to craft malicious websites that look legitima... More

Hackers Cast Out 300% More Phishing Attacks Via Messages (CBR)

There has never been a time when more cybersecurity caution has been required when traversing the online world, with the volume of messages carrying malicious phishing payloads spi... More

Don’t Click That! How to Spot an Invoice Impersonation Attack (TechRepublic)

Workers are seeing a wave of phishing attacks that send victims a link to a fake invoice that appears to come from a trusted party, according to a new threat spotlight report from ... More

The Lazy Habits of Phishing Attackers (Dark Reading)

The next time a crisis communication manager states that their organization suffered from a "highly sophisticated" attack, someone may want to cross-check that with how most attack... More

Stopping Ransomware Starts With Your Inbox, Cybersecurity Professionals Say (KQED)

A screenshot of a virus-infected computer has been floating around the internet in stories about the recent worldwide ransomware attack that spread across more than 150 countries a... More

IBM Tackling Phishing Threats with Cognitive Insights (IBM Security Intelligence)

Phishing is one of the internet’s oldest online threats. Its history traces back to the mid-1990s, but it unfortunately continues to escalate in numbers. Based on social engine... More