Artificial Intelligence


Web3 Could Change the Business Model of Creative Work (HBR)

Web3 could offer a new model for creative work. By offering new tools to earn and own assets, build wealth, and wrestle back control from powerful platforms and intermediaries, it ... More

Generative AI Meets its New Boss: The CEO (Digitally Cognizant)

CEOs play a big role in identifying the biggest gen AI opportunities—and making them happen.... More

Five Fastest-growing AI Roles of 2023 (AI Magazine)

As AI continues to become more prevalent in our day to day lives, the ongoing demand for skilled industry professionals who can utilize. its potential also continues to rise... More

Generative AI: A Critical New Team Player for the Sports Industry (Forbes)

In the ever-evolving intersection of artificial intelligence and sports, we've seen a substantial focus on enhancing content management and distribution. Additionally, with the rec... More

AWS Announces Powerful New Offerings to Accelerate Generative AI Innovation

The announcement includes the general availability of Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that makes foundation models from leading AI companies available through a single appl... More

Generative AI Stickers are Coming to Meta’s Apps Along with AI Editing (TechCrunch)

The stickers have been in internal testing at Meta and are now broadly rolling out across Meta’s apps, in addition to AI editing tools coming to Instagram.... More

SAP Adds New Generative AI Assistant, Joule, to Cloud Portfolio (Tech Monitor)

Joule is a natural-language, generative AI co-pilot that will be incorporated throughout the SAP cloud portfolio. Joule will allow customers to get smarter insights from data and w... More

Ascendion Revolutionizing the Software Industry with Generative AI

Ascendion, a leading provider of digital engineering services, is disrupting the software industry with artificial intelligence. "We are all-in on AI," proclaimed Karthik Krishnamu... More

Spotify Testing AI-Powered Podcast Language Translation — Which Mimics the Podcaster’s Own Voice (Variety)

The Spotify-developed tool uses OpenAI’s recently released voice-generation technology to match the original speaker’s style. That, according to Spotify, results in a “more a... More

How to Power Up Agility with AI-driven Software Development (Digitally Cognizant)

With a well-thought-out approach, AI can change how enterprises think about software development and attain new levels of real-time agility.... More

Microsoft to Launch Copilot Companion with Windows 11 (TR)

The Copilot is designed to be an everyday AI companion and will incorporate the context and intelligence of the web, work data and what users are doing in the moment to provide ass... More

The Media Industry’s Way Through the AI Revolution (Verdict)

The media industry has started to look beyond the hype around generative AI to identify the technology's underlying utility. The question is how much automation of human work does ... More

Harmony Korine’s Hi-Tech Vision for the Future of Movies (GQ)

As Hollywood wages war over the future of movies, Harmony Korine and a gang of video game designers and AI artists are holed up in a house near Mar-a-Lago building it.... More

AI Goes to Hollywood: Navigating the Double-edged Sword of Emerging Technology in Storytelling (ZDNet)

The convergence of AI and creativity presents an intriguing landscape for creative industries. Whether viewed as a tool, threat, or collaborator, the future of AI in these industri... More

The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Predictions and Trends (Forbes)

Can you picture a future where computers are capable of learning, reasoning and making decisions just like we humans do? This is becoming a reality with AI, and we need to prepare ... More

How AI, XR Technology are Changing the Face of Film (AnOther Magazine)

At Venice Film Festival 2023, Alex Denney travels to Immersive Island to trial a number of AI and XR technologies changing the future of cinema.... More

Generative AI: What We Know and Where It Could Go (Slalom Blog)

Unlocking the possibilities of human creativity and machine processing with generative AI.... More

Perforce Adds Generative AI to Test Data Automation to Increase Precision, Coverage, and Shift Left Velocity

Designed to optimise test data generation, Test Data Pro leverages cutting-edge AI technology to simplify and democratise the use of test data. Having access to accurate, synchroni... More

The Metaverse: Shaping the Future of the Internet and Business Through AI Integration (Forbes)

Beneath the surface lies an intricate web of technologies, with AI emerging as a crucial cornerstone. As we delve into the fusion of the metaverse and AI, it becomes evident that t... More

Prime Focus Technologies to Showcase Cutting-edge CLEAR, CLEAR AI Modules at IBC

These newly improved modules leverage generative AI to create, curate, distribute, and monetize content across platforms. (more…)... More

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