A 12-Point Framework for Operational Resilience (DXC Technology Blog)

Businesses today must take a new approach to operational resilience so that they can be more adept at anticipating disruptive events and agile in responding to and recovering from ... More

The Metaverse is Coming (Wired)

We will see a shift in the way people play, work, learn or simply hang out in 2021. Some of this connection will move into the Metaverse, a digital place where people seamlessly ge... More

How Digital Currency is Transforming Payments (Entrepreneur)

We are officially in the fintech age. The shift to digital payments has only accelerated amid the pandemic, and if you've been following recent trends, then you know the rise of Bi... More

Global Spending on Wearable Devices to See 18.1% Growth in 2021 (IA)

The rise in remote working and increased interest in health monitoring during the Covid-19 pandemic were cited as key factors in the forecasted growth of the wearable devices marke... More

Gracenote Offers New Live Sports Solution for Smart TV, Auto Platforms

Gracenote, the content services arm of Nielsen Media, has debuted a new turnkey solution geared toward consumer electronics and auto manufacturers, allowing them to offer new live ... More

What Does 2021 Have in Store for Collaboration Tools? (Tech Monitor)

2020 has seen a meteoric rise in demand for messaging and collaboration tools, catalysed by office-workers becoming remote employees overnight. These platforms are now ubiquitous i... More

Five IoT Trends to Watch for in 2021 (Tech HQ)

Among the emerging technological wonders, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been the most hyped technology for the future.... More

How Natural Language Generation Transforms the Customer Experience (Adobe Blog)

Personalization and value-delivering customer experiences are the new battlegrounds for customer acquisition, retention, and value delivery. That’s a major reason why business le... More

How SaaS Convergence Fuels Better CX (Digitally Cognizant)

Here are seven considerations for taking full advantage of SaaS technology convergence to provide an exceptional customer experience.... More

In 2021, Edge Computing Will Hit an Inflection Point (ZDNet)

Until now, edge computing was promising but still developing. In 2021, new business models will emerge that facilitate the deployment of edge in production. Cloud platforms will co... More

DXC Technology, Microsoft to Power a More Personalized, Intelligent, Secure, Modern Workplace Experience for Global Enterprises

DXC and Microsoft are joining forces to deliver a solution and suite of services that will help companies to empower their employees with a modern workplace experience and to ensur... More

The MovieLabs Approach to Cloud Readiness Assessment (2030 Vision Blog)

Cloud infrastructure components and core technologies are at different maturity levels with respect to cloud readiness. To make real progress as an industry, we need to understand ... More

Alibaba Cloud Unveils ‘Magic’ Behind the World’s Largest Online Shopping Festival

Alibaba Cloud revealed the cutting-edge technologies rolled out in support of the 2020 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. This year's 11.11, which generated RMB498.2 billion (US$74.1 ... More

4 AI Trends Set to Accelerate in 2021 (Forbes)

The proliferation of AI is happening at a great pace both at the chip level and the software level, and make no mistake; the two things are deeply intertwined.... More

Microsoft is Empowering the Retail Workforce (The Record)

Abid Chaudhry explains how technologies like Microsoft Azure, Teams and Dynamics 365 are enabling retailers to operate safely and serve customers effectively during the Covid-19 pa... More

Streaming Plaforms are the Biggest Source of Content Discovery (Señal News)

Although pay TV and online have traditionally moved in opposite directions as the source for newly discovered favourite shows, today 68% of viewers watch their new favourite shows ... More

EditShare, Blackbird Partnership Expands Cloud Video Editing Workflows

The integrated solution combines EditShare’s EFS scalable storage, FLOW media management, and open APIs with Blackbird’s cloud video editing and publishing platform. (more&hell... More

TiVo Launches ‘Deep Discovery’ Programming Search Tool (Next TV)

Finnish Elisa will be the first to deploy the API-based metadata solution.... More

Alibaba Cloud Releases PrivateLink to Help Enterprises Build Private Network Services

PrivateLink uses Alibaba Cloud's private network for business interaction. With private network connections, users of Alibaba Cloud can access services provided by other Virtual Pr... More

Addressable TV Faces a Problem – Verance CEO Nil Shah Has a Solution (Forbes)

While this brave new television world offers new opportunities for viewers, media companies and advertisers, it also presents some serious challenges.... More

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