Firewall Services and More: What’s Next for IT? (Security Intelligence)

Firewall services, cloud network protection tools and other IT defense staples are seeing a lot of changes in 2021. IT landscapes are growing more complex, as are the defense syste... More

Why is Serverless the Main Battlefield in the Next Decade? (Alibaba Cloud Blog)

A closer look at the trends and challenges of serverless adoption.... More

Clubhouse Goes Global (Rest of World)

The buzzy audio app is most frequently associated with Silicon Valley, but it’s taking off everywhere from Japan to Nigeria.... More

What’s Next for Adobe Developers? (CIO)

The developer community plays a critical role in delivering next-generation customer experience. There's new insight on Adobe’s relationship with developers, along with some of t... More

Zendesk Report Tackles Global Messaging Landscape

Customer service software firm Zendesk has released its annual “State of Messaging” report, offering exclusive research and insights from industry-leading messaging experts, co... More

Low-Code Development: Why Demand for ‘Citizen Developer’ Tools is Growing Fast (TechRepublic)

Low-code/no-code tools have been instrumental in helping businesses respond quickly to COVID-19 by allowing them to build new enterprise applications and automate work quickly.... More

Adobe Adds Easy Collaboration, Asynchronous Editing to Photoshop (PetaPixel)

Adobe is leaning a bit more into the benefits of a cloud-based architecture with the rollout of an easy collaboration button and asynchronous editing in Photoshop, Illustrator, and... More

Stitch Editing Finds ‘Bullet Proof’ Supervised Finishing Solution (Sohonet Blog)

Stitch Editing and Bacon VFX on their hunt for high-quality remote review tool that didn’t compromise the clients viewing experience — and how they landed on ClearView Flex.... More

Adobe Offers New Free Online Tools for Handling PDF Files (CNET)

Now you can password-protect PDFs or combine multiple PDF files into one at the Acrobat web site.... More

Box Gets Into the Digital Signature Game With SignRequest Acquisition (Forbes)

With the major acceleration of the work from home trend currently underway, never before has it been so crucial for businesses to conduct their operations securely, through the clo... More

Adobe Unveils New AI Tools for Retailers (Forbes)

The consumer demand for more from their online experiences has created a race by retailers and tech partners to build smarter, more personalized, digitally-enhanced shopping experi... More

Akamai, Plume Team for Smart Home Services

Akamai has struck a partnership with smart home services and WiFi technology provider Plume to give Akamai’s global customer network, sales and marketing teams immediate access t... More

What TV Remotes Tell Us About Power Struggles in Streaming (Protocol)

TV remote controls are a major battlefield in the TV wars, which are fought one branded button at a time.... More

A 12-Point Framework for Operational Resilience (DXC Technology Blog)

Businesses today must take a new approach to operational resilience so that they can be more adept at anticipating disruptive events and agile in responding to and recovering from ... More

The Metaverse is Coming (Wired)

We will see a shift in the way people play, work, learn or simply hang out in 2021. Some of this connection will move into the Metaverse, a digital place where people seamlessly ge... More

How Digital Currency is Transforming Payments (Entrepreneur)

We are officially in the fintech age. The shift to digital payments has only accelerated amid the pandemic, and if you've been following recent trends, then you know the rise of Bi... More

Global Spending on Wearable Devices to See 18.1% Growth in 2021 (IA)

The rise in remote working and increased interest in health monitoring during the Covid-19 pandemic were cited as key factors in the forecasted growth of the wearable devices marke... More

Gracenote Offers New Live Sports Solution for Smart TV, Auto Platforms

Gracenote, the content services arm of Nielsen Media, has debuted a new turnkey solution geared toward consumer electronics and auto manufacturers, allowing them to offer new live ... More

What Does 2021 Have in Store for Collaboration Tools? (Tech Monitor)

2020 has seen a meteoric rise in demand for messaging and collaboration tools, catalysed by office-workers becoming remote employees overnight. These platforms are now ubiquitous i... More

Five IoT Trends to Watch for in 2021 (Tech HQ)

Among the emerging technological wonders, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been the most hyped technology for the future.... More

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