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The Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of State have issued a joint cybersecurity advisory warning of state-sponsored email hack atta... More

MIT Report Details New Cybersecurity Risks (MIT Sloan)

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Convergent Risks and Digital Silence Announce a Merger Deal

Convergent Risks and Digital Silence, two well-known thought leaders and innovators in the media and entertainment, financial services, critical national infrastructure, mortgage b... More

M&E Journal: Cybersecurity and Content Protection: This is a Serious Issue!

The Kitchen International is extremely active within the area of cybersecurity and content protection, from receiving of clients’ assets, to completion and delivery. The Kitch... More

White House Budget Proposal Seeks Cybersecurity Funding Boost (Security Week)

The White House again wants to boost cybersecurity spending, proposing a $3 billion budget for CISA and billions more for other initiatives.... More

Want a Job for the Future? Think Cybersecurity (Euronews)

Artificial intelligence has dominated the headlines, fueling fears of robots taking jobs. But becoming au fait with automation isn’t the only way to guarantee longevity in a tech... More

The Future of AI And ML In Cybersecurity (Forbes)

Data comes first. There are three approaches that will accelerate the industry's time to market with these new technologies.... More

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The content supply chain involves creating, managing, and distributing digital content across various platforms and channels. Content can include documents, images, videos, aud... More

The Next Gen of Cybersecurity Could be Hiding in Big Tech (Dark Reading)

Public-private partnerships, increasing cybersecurity budgets for public organizations, and retraining existing tech talent to make the jump to cyber will help ease the staffing cr... More

M&E Journal: What We Need for Better Security in M&E

We are at least now preaching to a converted audience. Gone are the days when security was an afterthought or was not a line item in the annual budget. It helps that a key driv... More

M&E Journal: What We Need for Better Security in M&E

We are at least now preaching to a converted audience. Gone are the days when security was an afterthought or was not a line item in the annual budget. It helps that a key drive... More

M&E Journal: The State of M&E Security

MESA spoke with several leaders in the content protection and cybersecurity space, asking for their thoughts on the pressing security needs of a streaming-first world, the impact A... More

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Preventative measures remain woefully unmet, the scourge of ransomware is as bad as its ever been, and a wave of new incident reporting and compliance regulations are taking hold. ... More

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