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Sports Cause 2023’s Biggest Spikes in Web Traffic (Advanced Television)

Champions League football and NFL games caused the biggest spikes in web traffic in Europe and the US in 2023, according to new analysis.... More

Here’s What the Future of the Internet Will Look Like (Forbes)

It's difficult to predict exactly what the future internet will look like because new technology is evolving so quickly — but there is no doubt that the newest iteration of the w... More

Nearly 114M U.S. Homes Have a High-Speed Internet Service (TV Tech)

New 5G wireless offerings and the expansion of broadband services will drive the growth in home internet services in the next few years, according to Parks Associates.... More

Next Phase Announced in U.K. Rural Broadband Upgrade Programme (RTN)

Up to 2.2 million homes and businesses in rural England have been earmarked to receive the opportunity to get top-of-the-range broadband connections as part of the £5 billion Proj... More

Akamai CTO Discusses the Impact of AI on Internet Performance (IA)

James Kretchmar, CTO of Akamai, discusses how AI and machine learning impact Internet performance.... More

UK’s Internet Use Surges to New Highs During Lockdown (BBC)

UK adults spent a quarter of their waking day online during lockdown - a record high, according to Ofcom. During April, adults spent an average of four hours a day online, up from ... More

Akamai CEO Tom Leighton on Managing Increased Internet Demand During the Crisis (CNBC)

With people across the United States staying at home in the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increased reliance on the internet to work and connect remotely. Global content ... More

Why the Internet Hasn’t Crashed During COVID-19 (Thrive)

If some good news were to come out of the coronavirus pandemic, it is this: The telecommunications infrastructure has been able to meet the demands of heavy increases in voice and ... More

The Internet is Under Huge Strain Because of the Coronavirus (CNBC)

With daily life changing for many around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, a huge surge in internet traffic has led to worries over the resilience of the infrastructure th... More

The Entire World is Streaming More Than Ever – and it’s Straining the Internet (The Verge)

Streaming eats up a lot of bandwidth. Normally, not everyone is trying to stream at the same time. It’s different right now. People are using the internet for videoconferencing c... More

Netflix is Reducing Traffic on ISPs by 25% in India (TechCrunch)

Netflix said on Tuesday that it is lowering its traffic on network providers by 25% in India for a period of 30 days, following a similar move in Europe in a bid to reduce the cong... More

FCC Approves Another $137M to Expand Rural Broadband Access (Engadget)

The Federal Communications Commission has approved another $121 million in funding to bring broadband access to rural homes and businesses. It's the fourth round of support followi... More

Internet Ad Spend to Exceed 50% of All Global Expenditure by 2021 (The Drum)

Internet advertising is set to cross the 50% milestone as a proportion of global ad spend for the first time this year, despite a slight slowdown in overall adspend growth from 4.7... More

Internet to Dominate Global Ad Spend by 2020 (Digital TV Europe)

According to a new report, the internet is already the largest ad medium in eight markets, including the US, UK and China, and this is forecast to spread to most of the world going... More

Zuckerberg Calls for More Internet Regulation (ITProPortal)

In his post, Zuckerberg outlined four concrete ideas he believes should be implemented so that everyone can get a safer, more open internet. He agreed that Facebook has too much po... More

U.S. Internet Speeds Rose Nearly 40 Percent This Year (Recode)

Finally some good news: The internet is getting faster, especially fixed broadband internet. Broadband download speeds in the U.S. rose 35.8 percent and upload speeds are up 22 per... More

Study: Digital Divide is Wider Than We Think (NY Times)

A new study by Microsoft researchers casts a light on the actual use of high-speed internet across the country, and the picture it presents is very different from the F.C.C. number... More

Mobile Internet is Faster Than WiFi in 33 Countries (Engadget)

It's tempting to assume that a good WiFi hotspot will outpace modern cellular data, but that's not necessarily true -- in some countries, WiFi might be more of a pain. OpenSignal h... More

Former Google CEO: The Internet Will Split in Two by 2028 – and One Part Will be Led by China (CNBC)

Eric Schmidt, who has been the CEO of Google and executive chairman of its parent company, Alphabet, predicts that within the next decade there will be two distinct internets: one ... More

Why Internet Volatility is a Critical Business Issue (Forbes)

The internet is part of your business network. That statement seems like a no-brainer—every business leader knows that internet connectivity is critical. But how many of you unde... More