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5 Essential Steps for Every Ransomware Response Plan (SI)

Ransomware is a severe threat, no matter the season. For over three years, ransomware has been the most prevalent cybersecurity attack type, as the IBM Security X-Force Threat Inte... More

Ransomware: Why It’s Still a Big Threat, and Where the Gangs are Going Next (ZDNet)

Ransomware attacks are still lucrative for cyber criminals because victims pay ransoms -- and the threat is still evolving.... More

Ransomware is the Biggest Global Cyber Threat (ZDNet)

Ransomware is the biggest cybersecurity threat facing the world today, with the potential to significantly affect whole societies and economies – and the attacks are unrelenting,... More

Ransomware Groups Shift Tactics and Objectives (Cybersecurity Dive)

Malware can play a major or nonexistent role in ransomware attacks. Threat actors are often only in it for the money.... More

The Cat and Mouse Game of Crypto Money Laundering (Decipher)

Cybercriminals are using an array of obfuscation tactics to conceal their illicit transactions. These measures are continuing to become more sophisticated, particularly as law enfo... More

Recovering Ransom Payments: Is This the End of Ransomware? (Security Intelligence)

What’s the best way to stop ransomware? Make it riskier and less lucrative for cyber criminals. Nearly all intruders prefer to collect a ransom in cryptocurrency. But it’s a do... More

The Ransomware Dilemma (MIT)

The decision on whether to pay up when cybercriminals hold data hostage is shaped by choices leaders made long before an attack.... More

Why AI-Powered Ransomware Cyberattacks Could be Coming Soon (Protocol)

Hiring AI experts to automate ransomware could be the next step for well-endowed ransomware groups that are seeking to scale up their attacks.... More

Unit 42: Ransomware Payments Hit New Records in 2021 as Dark Web Leaks Climbed

Ransomware payments hit new records in 2021 as cybercriminals increasingly turned to Dark Web "leak sites" where they pressured victims to pay up by threatening to release sensitiv... More

Ransomware Victims are Paying Up – But Then the Gangs are Coming Back for More (ZDNet)

Cybersecurity experts warn against paying ransoms - this is why.... More

How to Avoid Five Common Ransomware Mistakes Explored in Wasabi Webinar

A company’s data is only as protected as that organization makes it. While having a cybersecurity strategy is imperative in today’s digital world, there are several mistakes co... More

M&E Journal: Ransomware: The Boogeyman That Wasn’t

Ransomware everywhere. We hear about it so frequently it has lost its novelty as a buzzword. It is such a commonly uttered term in fact, not unlike “the cloud,” we should take ... More

Supply Chain Attacks, Ransomware Will Again Make Headlines in 2022 (Tech HQ)

2022 may see supply chain attacks and ransomware causing even more problems for organizations, along with the shift to hybrid work and more cyber risks for employees.... More

Ransomware Expert: An Attack is a Given, But You Can Be Prepared

Dr. Michel Hébert, research director with the Information Security, Privacy, Risk and Compliance practice at Info-Tech Research Group, a technology research and advisory firm, had... More

The Tide is Turning Against Ransomware but the Fight is Not Over Yet (Tech Monitor)

International co-operation between law enforcement agencies has led to arrests and shutdowns. But ransomware won't be eradicated without the help of 'safe haven' countries. ... More

Ransomware: The Boogeyman That Wasn’t (Richie May Blog)

Ransomware everywhere. We hear about it so frequently it has lost its novelty as a buzzword. It is such a commonly uttered term in fact, not unlike “the cloud,” we should take... More

War Room Preparation Key to Ransomware Response (CD)

Companies need to assemble stakeholders ahead of an attack and be ready for potential fallout from litigation, reputational risk and operations disruption.... More

Ransomcloud: How and Why Ransomware is Targeting the Cloud (Tech Monitor)

Drawn to the wealth of data stored in the cloud, criminals are developing 'ransomcloud' malware that targets cloud services.... More

Are Ransomware and Cryptocurrencies Intrinsically Linked? (Tech Monitor)

Criminals usually demand ransom payments in cryptocurrency, so would a ban on these digital payment systems stem the flow of attacks?... More

Extortion Payments Hit New Records as Ransomware Crisis Intensifies (Palo Alto Networks Blog)

The average ransomware payment climbed 82% since 2020 to a record $570,000 in the first half of 2021, as cybercriminals employed increasingly aggressive tactics to coerce organizat... More