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Meta Has a Bold New Strategy for VR (Digital Trends)

Meta will open-source the mixed-reality operating system it developed for the Quest 3 and earlier Quest VR headsets to expand the ecosystem to new partners.... More

Why it’s Time for Creators to Get Immersed in VR Production (TBI)

Virtual reality and immersive content have, for the best part of a decade, remained largely within the province of gamers and exhibition attendees. But there are changes afoot that... More

Doja Cat to Stage First-ever VR Concert with Meta (IQ)

“Doja Cat’s dynamic performance and stage design seemed almost purpose-built for VR.”... More

ESPN Raises the AR/XR Bar In Bristol (TVNewsCheck)

A new ESPN facility in Bristol, Conn., has introduced dramatic new virtual set capabilities for the sports network, taking its production game to the next level.... More

ICVR Takes a Journey Through Pipelines

ICVR turned the spotlight on pipelines during a real-time pipeline session at Unreal Fest 2023 in New Orleans on Oct. 3. “We are going to be talking about pipeline in the cont... More

WGA and AI: It’s About the Industry’s Future

We wrote this piece three, four times. Could have probably done it in a third/half the time had we used ChatGPT, but what the hell fun would that have been? Generative AI, in al... More

Perforce: How Hansoft Makes a Game Developer’s Job Easier

Perforce’s Hansoft application for planning and collaboration makes game development a whole lot easier for the creative teams working on those titles, Johan Karlsson, product ma... More

Forget the VR Vision of the Metaverse: Digital Twins are Coming (SW)

VR is far from ubiquitous public adoption. But maybe we can access the Metaverse with the tools we already have.... More

The Rise of VR/AR/VFX and Live Entertainment

In one breakthrough after another, AR, VR and VFX are augmenting live entertainment, from ABBA’s avatars to XR concerts to Madonna dancing live on stage with her digital selves. ... More

What Apple’s Vision Pro Tells Us About the Metaverse (Digitally Cognizant)

Duncan Roberts, thought leader/futurist at Cognizant, believes the Vision Pro rollout itself—both what Apple did and did not highlight about the product—speaks volumes about th... More

VR, NFTs, and the Metaverse Didn’t Take Over Video Games, Neither Will AI (Forbes)

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A new technology has come out, securing billions in funding, and is set to disrupt the entire video game industry.... More

60% of Execs Think Apple Headset Will be a VR iPhone Moment (TM)

With WWDC23 approaching, data from Storyblok suggests that 60% of business executives believe the Apple headset will be an ‘iPhone moment’ for VR/AR.... More

NYU Tisch Establishes the Martin Scorsese Virtual Production Center at Industry City

The new center will provide NYU Tisch students and faculty with best-in-class production facilities in a unique setting for collaboration and internships at some of New York’s le... More

VR Isn’t Ready For a ‘Must-Play’ Experience (GamesIndustry)

What will it take for VR to grow beyond its niche status and become an important commercial pillar of the games industry? It's quite literally a billion dollar question – many bi... More

Virtual World May Be Different, Take Longer Than We Expect

We don’t want to brag but we were active in the Web 3.0 world before folks decided to slap a name on it and say it will be worth $23.3 billion by 2028. Back when we were just ... More

Virtual World May Be Different, Take Longer Than We Expect

We don’t want to brag but we were active in the Web 3.0 world before folks decided to slap a name on it and say it will be worth $23.3 billion by 2028. Back when we were just ... More

Tech Resolutions For 2023: Make an Immersive Internet For Enterprise (NAB Amplify)

Technologies such as augmented and virtual reality are transforming the metaverse from specialized tech to enterprise tool — potentially paving the way to new business models. T... More

Sound Is Becoming an Increasingly Important Component of AR/VR (Forbes)

AI is pushing the evolution of virtual audio, and stakeholders need to take time to look (and listen) closely at how far the most advanced tech providers have come.... More

Apple’s VR/AR Headset Could Get Its Own ‘3D Mixed-Reality World’ (Twice)

Everything we know so far about the Apple headset suggests that the device will likely be named the “Reality Pro” or “Reality One” and points to a 2023 release date. Howeve... More

The Quickening Pace of the Immersive Now (VFX)

Virtual reality and augmented reality are more tangible now. VR in particular has enjoyed a steady ascent recently, with help from the Oculus Quest headsets and the strong earnings... More