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Dire Straits’ Guy Fletcher on How the Power of Dolby Atmos is Reinvigorating the Band’s Classic Catalog (MW)

Dire Straits’ Money For Nothing is among the latest landmark releases to be remastered for Dolby Atmos this year. The British group’s 1988 compilation is among their best-selle... More

Fake Streams Make Up 1-3% of Music Listening In France (DMN)

Citing data from Spotify and others, a new report has suggested that at least one to three percent of France’s on-demand music streams – or roughly one to three billion plays ... More

Music Tech Platform Orfium Acquires Music Reporting Service Soundmouse (MW)

Global music technology platform Orfium has acquired London-based Soundmouse, which specialises in music reporting and audio recognition services. Founded by Kirk Zavieh and Charle... More

Streaming Inquiry MPs Call on Government to Deliver National Strategy For Music (Music Week)

More than two years after it launched with lively encounters between MPs and execs, the streaming inquiry is still making an impact as part of a wider industry debate. According to... More

Hearing Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ In a Car Like This Blew Me Away (CNET)

I listened to Dolby Atmos surround sound in a car, and it's unlike anything I've experienced.... More

Sony Has a New Walkman – That Might be a Bigger Deal Than You Realise (ZDNet)

Sony is rolling out a fresh addition to its Walkman family, the NW-A306, 44 years after Sony released the original Walkman, the TPS-L2, which changed how we listen to music: since ... More

Will Music Streaming Finally Hit Maturity In 2023? (Music Ally)

Phil Bird, head of sales, rights and royalties, at Vistex, looks ahead to what may happen in with regards to rights and income for rights holders in 2023. Phil wonders when music s... More

Orban Announces Dolby Atmos Upmixer for Television (TV Tech)

The Orban AtmoSphere automatically upmixes any legacy content to Dolby Atmos in real-time.... More

Music Consumption at All Time High Powered by Streaming and Video Apps (CMU)

Audio-streaming services account for 32% of music consumption in 2022, although so do video and social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Make of that what you wil... More

IFPI: Global Music Listening Time Up as More Than Half of UK Now Accessing a Streaming Subscription (MW)

According to the survey, 74% of respondents use paid or ad-funded services, 46% listen to music via subscription audio streaming, 50% use short form video apps and 32% have watched... More

Mercedes-Benz Strikes Dolby Atmos Partnership With Apple Music, Universal (MBW)

UMG says that it is actively encouraging its artists and record labels to produce music mixed in Dolby Atmos immersive audio. Universal will now enable its artists to base their so... More

First Dolby Atmos Immersive Theatrical System Installed in Aircraft Cabin

DPI Labs and SkyCinema Aviation announced the world’s first installation of the Dolby Atmos immersive audio system, installed aboard a private VVIP Boeing aircraft. The Dolby Atm... More

Stats Perform Offers AI-Generated Sports Audio With Veritone (SportsPro Media)

Veiritone’s synthetic voice AI technology offers both text-to-speech and speech-to-speech capabilities and will analyse Opta’s historic and real-time data feeds to generate aud... More

Abbey Road Studios Launches New Suite Designed for Dolby Atmos Music Mastering (MusicWeek)

London’s Abbey Road Studios is expanding its mastering and Dolby Atmos mixing services with the opening of a new mastering suite designed specifically for Dolby Atmos Music maste... More

Glasgow, Liverpool Finalists to Host 2023 Eurovision Song Contest (Billboard)

Britain has been asked to hold the event on behalf of designated host country Ukraine.... More

Dolby Atmos Makes ‘House of the Dragon’ a First For HBO Max (Tech Radar)

'Game of Thrones' prequel also boasts Dolby Vision HDR on streaming service.... More

QQ Music to Provide in-Car Dolby Atmos Music Services for NIO (Pandaily)

QQ Music, a subsidiary of Tencent, will provide in-car Dolby Atmos audio services for NIO. This means that QQ Music will become the first music platform in China to provide in-car ... More

Utopia Music Enters Exclusive Partnership With Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media has been selected by Utopia Music, the music fintech, to help close the music industry data gap and bring increased transparency and greater efficiencies to royalty a... More

Tencent’s QQ Music Becomes China’s First Domestic Music Service Supporting Dolby Atmos

QQ Music is one of China’s largest domestic music streaming services and the first domestic Chinese music platform to integrate Dolby Atmos, which is available now to QQ Music SV... More

Red Bee Aims to Help Broadcasters Track the Music They Use (TVBEurope)

Red Bee will provide Utopia with audio feeds of over 9,000 TV and radio channels across EMEA that will be analysed for royalties allocation.... More

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