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Dolby Atmos: How the Immersive Sound Technology is Revolutionizing Music for Artists, Fans (MW)

Dolby Atmos is taking audio streaming to the next level. The immersive audio format from Dolby Laboratories is becoming more widely adopted across the industry, including smart spe... More

Voice-Based Audio Streaming Apps Take Center stage on User-Generated Platforms (MI)

Audio-streaming and voice technology have found a meeting point, for an enhanced reach to a larger audience. They’ve added another pal on the way - the audio streaming apps. ... More

Podcasts Could be a Big Winner With the Demise of Cookies (Forbes)

While other mediums (video, search) need to upend their current models to adapt to a cookieless world, cookies have never been ingrained within audio’s advertising ecosystem in t... More

France’s TDF Tests Dolby’s AC-4 Audio Standard (TVB)

The integration of the Dolby AC-4 audio format enables TDF to transport different audio configurations in the same stream (stereo, 5.1, immersive audio).... More

The Kitchen Spain Introduces New Dolby Atmos Mixing Room

Dolby and The Kitchen Spain are all about technical excellence. As a new member of the Dolby HE Certification Programme (with an esteemed group of only 74 others worldwide), The Ki... More

From Podcasts to Clubhouse, Audio is Filling More of Our Time (WaPo)

With the fall in in-person interactions and blurrier lines among work, home and alone time, record numbers of people have turned to non- music audio content during the past year.... More

Hungama Music Brings Dolby Atmos to Music Streaming in India (MB)

Hungama Music, one of the leading music streaming services in India, and Dolby, are introducing a more emotional and authentic way to experience music you love with Dolby Atmos.... More

Lucid Air is the World’s First Vehicle to Integrate Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos will be part of Lucid Air’s new 21-speaker Surreal Sound system, providing a truly immersive listening experience along with enhanced in-car active audio safety featu... More

How Dolby Benefited From Change in Content Consumption (FE)

From focusing towards home entertainment devices to entering the gaming industry, Dolby has adapted to the new normal.... More

Dolby Spotlighted for Innovation in Music

Dolby chosen for democratising and innovating music and mastering tools in Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021. (more…)... More

MediaKind Integrates Dolby Vision (DTE)

MediaKind customers will be able to deliver content in Dolby Vision across broadcast, operator, streaming, and cloud-based services.... More

Kybert: Why Dolby Atmos Music is ‘Definitely Going to Supersede Stereo’ (MR)

Dean St Studios' Jan 'Stan' Kybert, who’s worked with Paul Weller and Oasis, on why Atmos could succeed where others have failed.... More

PBS39 Implements AI-Enabled Automatic Realtime Captioning from Red Bee Media

The AI-driven solution combines Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology with Red Bee’s highly featured Subito live captioning platform. It allows the broadcaster to activat... More

Clubhouse Goes Global (Rest of World)

The buzzy audio app is most frequently associated with Silicon Valley, but it’s taking off everywhere from Japan to Nigeria.... More

Dolby’s Plans for 2021 (HT)

John Couling, SVP, Commercial Partnerships at Dolby discusses how 2020 has been for the company and what lies ahead in 2021.... More

The Evolution of Audio Description (Red Bee Blog)

The workflows and technology used to create audio description has changed massively over the past 20 years, with programmes now completed in hours rather than days. Red Bee’s Sal... More

Arte Adopts Dolby Technologies Into HbbTV Platform (BTN)

The portal now features content encoded in Dolby Atmos, an immersive sound technology. Arte is also using Dolby Vision technology, seen as one of the most advanced HDR standards.... More

Dolby Takes Home Tech Emmy

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that Dolby will be honoured with a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award for its contributions to Dynamic Met... More

Streaming Accounted for 80% of UK Music Consumption in 2020 (DJM)

Four-fifths of the country's music listening now comes from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.... More

Dolby Atmos Added to Tag Video Systems Monitoring, Multiviewer Solution (SVG)

Streaming broadcasters are now able to monitor live immersive audio, including Dolby Atmos encoded audio, as Tag Video Systems has announced that its MCM-9000 Monitoring and Multiv... More

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