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M&E Journal: The Growing Necessity For Cross-Screen Technology

By Stephanie Gaines, YuMe - As NBC has shared, the network sold $1 billion in ads for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a combined total that includes national broadcast, ... More

M&E Journal: A Cloud-Based Digital Supply Chain: Not Just About Capacity

Andy Shenkler, Sony DADC New Media Solutions - The list of options in today’s world is seemingly endless with tools such as social sharing, instantaneous commenting, photo fi... More

M&E Journal: Bringing VR To Hollywood

By Mario M. Kenyon, Francine Marchetti, Furious M - Virtual reality (VR), is the NEW big thing for narrative storytellers and production studios. For live action and animation, ... More

M&E Journal: You Play It, You Pay For It

By Tony Rodriguez, Digimarc - Copyright: The primary form of protection that empowers and safeguards artistic creativity. Creators of “original works of authorship” are pro... More

M&E Journal: Keeping Production Data Safe

Jeff Impey, SyncOnSet — The complex, fast-paced workflow and sensitive nature of film production present unique security challenges never faced by many traditional organizati... More

M&E Journal: Ultra HD Blu-ray Brings Forth Ultra-Workflow Challenges

Bhanu Srikanth, Giant Interactive - Ultra HD Blu-ray is technically an extension of Blu-ray from a standardization perspective, but it has necessitated extraordinary changes in ... More

MESA’s Winter ‘M&E Journal’ Goes Live

The winter edition of the “M&E Journal,” published by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), and geared toward senior media and entertainment executives who overse... More

M&E Journal: Building a Data-Based Team: Quick Wins and Avoidable Speed Bumps

By By Alex Akers, Kurt Stuve, and Jason Ott, Senior Consultants, Cognizant Business Consulting - The avalanche of data generated by consumers annually does not seem to show any... More

M&E Journal: The Future of Content Sales is Programmatic and Adaptive — and It Will Be Huge

By Rob Gardos, Mediamorph - On October 27, 1994 the first banner ad appeared on the Web. By the end of the decade, Internet usage exploded, driving online advertising revenue to... More

M&E Journal: Local Relationships: The Bedrock of Global Success

By Teresa Phillips, Senior VP, V2Solutions - In January, many of us were surprised by Netflix’s announcement at CES that it had launched its streaming television service in 19... More

From Data to Distribution: ‘M&E Journal’ Digital Edition Now Available

The spring edition of the “M&E Journal: Navigating the Next New” magazine — featuring insights from dozens of media and entertainment industry executives — is now available... More