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How the Finnish National Opera Used VR to Stage a Century-Old Production (Fast Company)

As audiences come to see the Finnish National Opera’s staging of Puccini’s Turandot, they may not realize that this latest iteration of the century-old production was created w... More

The Metaverse: Building a Fairer World in Virtual Reality (H&K Insights)

Lawyers are beginning to turn their attention to the host of legal questions that will arise as metaverses become more popular (e.g., how will ownership or disputes work in the met... More

Don’t Ignore Virtual Reality as You Plan the Future Workplace (CIO)

The shift toward more distributed workforces may accelerate workplace adoption of VR. For CIOs, now is the time to consider practical IT issues like cost, security, infrastructure,... More

EES 2021: Taking Virtual Reality Into Live Performances and Beyond

Kiira Benzing, executive creative director of Double Eye Studios and founder of the Virtual Repertory Theatre, used the closing keynote at the July 21 Entertainment Evolution Sympo... More

Zoom Parties are so Five Weeks Ago: Hello Virtual Reality (Bloomberg)

As lockdown life persists, cyber get-togethers are getting more creative, increasing chances they’re here to stay.... More

The Fall and Rise of VR: The Struggle to Make Virtual Reality Get Real (Fortune)

Virtual reality has been the next new thing for five years and counting. Clunky headsets, a dearth of content, and lack of consumer interest have caused VR to stall. Can this much-... More

The Rise of Virtual Reality at Film Festivals (ECN)

If the art of film didn’t change with new technology, thought processes, and public fascinations, it wouldn’t be as amazing as it is. But, it’s always a bit of a surprise whe... More

5 Important Augmented, Virtual Reality Trends for 2019 (Forbes)

3. Consumer Entertainment VR hits the mainstream. This year, stand-alone headsets incorporating powerful, dedicated computer technology will hit the shelves. Confident that their u... More

Virtual Reality Device Market to Decline in 2018 (Rapid TV News)

Even though it believes that the prospects for certain parts of the remain positive, new research has revealed the challenges facing makers of head-worn virtual and augmented reali... More

VR Making Strides but Continues to Face Challenges

NEW YORK — Virtual Reality (VR) continues to make advances when it comes to investment dollars and hardware innovation, but the technology continues to face challenges and still ... More

FIFA World Cup: BBC Puts Viewers in the Stadiums During Live Games Via Virtual Reality (THR)

The BBC is prepping two technically advanced trials for the upcoming FIFA World Cup: delivering the matches live in virtual reality as well as in Ultra HD (4K) with HDR. The Britis... More

Disney’s Latest Research Project Can Turn Scripts Into Virtual Reality (Variety)

Disney Research has been working on a way to turn natural language scripts into virtual reality (VR) pre-visualizations. While currently focusing on VR story creation, the tool cou... More

Could ‘Ready Player One’ Awaken the Sleepy VR Market? (Variety)

Steven Spielberg’s virtual-reality fantasy “Ready Player One” may help drive sales of VR headsets — which have dramatically fallen short of previous bullish forecasts — b... More

A New Reality Awaits: Are AR and VR the Next Big Platforms in Telecoms? (Telecom Tech)

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have the potential to become the next big platforms after PC, web, and mobile. Isolated applications of AR and VR have been around f... More

TNT Launches Virtual Reality App for NBA All-Star Game (B&C)

In advance of the league’s All-Star weekend, Turner said it launched its NBA on TNT VR app, which will bring fans closer to the game thanks to Intel’s True VR virtual reality t... More

NBC, Intel Will Stream 30 Winter Olympics Events in Virtual Reality (Variety)

In the coming days, sports fans will once again be hooked to their screens to follow the Winter Olympic Games. This time around, those screens will include a variety of virtual rea... More

Virtual Reality is Officially Immersed in the Film World. Now What? (Wired)

In the last four years, much has changed in the world of 360-degree filmmaking. These days virtual reality has a presence at most major film festivals. Scores of movies and TV show... More

Why Hollywood Studios are Slow to Embrace Virtual Reality (The Wrap)

Are virtual and augmented reality truly the Next Big Thing for Hollywood? While every major studio is investing in VR experiences, so far most are short, under-10-minute extensions... More

Technicolor Debuts Massive Mars VR Initiative

LOS ANGELES. — In what may be the most ambitious virtual reality project to date, Technicolor, HP and others have partnered to put together a vision of a viable, sustainable habi... More

High Hopes for Virtual Reality as E3 Expo Opens in Los Angeles (The Hollywood Reporter)

Some stakeholders see VR content creation as a big business opportunity, while others warn that it’s too early to project such ambitious growth. A recent forecast from Pricewater... More