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DXC Overhauls IT ‘Patchwork Quilt’ for Winson Group (ARN)

Deploys Microsoft Azure-based platform, leveraging both Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.... More

Why AI Will Make a Difference in Your Life (DXC Blogs)

Companies deploying AI will need a highly skilled workforce that’s trained to ensure the technology remains both useful and safe.... More

Why Your Hybrid Cloud Needs the Software-Defined Data Center (DXC Blog)

If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it is that things can change on a dime. Over the last year, we have learned how to better cope with dramatic change in how we run our... More

How Low-Code is Transforming Software Development (DXC Technology Blog)

An emerging way to program, known as low-code application development, is transforming the way we create software. With this new approach, we’re creating applications faster and ... More

DXC Technology SIgns Deal With Temenos (Finextra)

The expanded partnership brings together the extensive cloud hosting, implementation and integration strengths of DXC with the power of Temenos industry leading banking software.... More

5 Cloud Trends That Will Reshape IT in 2021 (DXC Technology Blog)

Cloud megadeals have heralded a new era where cloud is a key driver in how organizations deploy operating models and platforms. In just the past 6 months, we saw 6 years’ worth o... More

DXC CEO: Company Made Good Progress on its ‘Transformation Journey’ in Q3

DXC Technology’s results in the third quarter (ended Dec. 31) demonstrated the “solid momentum in executing on our transformation journey,” Mike Salvino, its CEO and presiden... More

How to Make Cybersecurity a Top Priority for Boards, CFOs (HBR)

If boards and CFOs learned anything in 2020, it was to expect the unexpected. But to be truly effective, they need to fully understand the risks and view cybersecurity as foundatio... More

Win Gen Z Customers With Modernized IT (Thrive)

Because they grew up with digital tools, members of Gen Z also have a different relationship with companies, says Tom Hetterscheidt, chief technologist for the banking and capital ... More

Australian Government Strikes Deal With DXC Technology to Deliver Digital Job Search Platform (ZDNet)

The cloud-based platform will give job seekers access to a self-navigation tool, online job board, and training modules.... More

A 12-Point Framework for Operational Resilience (DXC Technology Blog)

Businesses today must take a new approach to operational resilience so that they can be more adept at anticipating disruptive events and agile in responding to and recovering from ... More

5 Key Trends That Will Impact Cybersecurity in 2021 (DXC Technology Blog)

In 2021, as is the case every year, companies will continue to be challenged by new or evolving cyber security threats. We expect 5 security trends that emerged or accelerated last... More

Why Organizations Need to Practice Situational Awareness (Thrive)

Cybersecurity breaches almost always result from the accumulation of multiple vulnerabilities over time — not from a single incident.... More

DXC Technology, Microsoft to Power a More Personalized, Intelligent, Secure, Modern Workplace Experience for Global Enterprises

DXC and Microsoft are joining forces to deliver a solution and suite of services that will help companies to empower their employees with a modern workplace experience and to ensur... More

5 Lessons We Learned From Our Ransomware Attack (HBR)

Time is of the essence in a ransomware attack, as one of the real impacts is downtime. The average attack takes critical systems down for 16 days, according to Emsisoft, which pred... More

DXC Technology, Infinia ML Team to Bring Benefits of Advanced Machine Learning to Global Customers

DXC Technology announced a new relationship with Infinia ML to further advance machine learning and data analytics to help customers manage and drive stronger performance and value... More

DXC Technology Names Ken Sharp CFO

DXC Technology announced that Ken Sharp has been appointed executive vice president and chief financial officer, reporting to DXC president and chief executive officer Mike Salvino... More

3 Steps to Become a Data-Driven Business (Thrive)

Every company wants to be a data-driven organization. But few have truly achieved that goal. Those who have are primarily companies born in the digital age, having built data analy... More

Facing Data Scientist Shortage, Organizations Turn to ML Automation, Embedded Analytics (DXC Technology Blog)

Data scientists remain in great demand, which means they are hard to find and command salaries that can strain IT budgets. The shortage of trained data scientists has left many ent... More

4 Ways Enterprises Benefit From Private Wireless (DXC Technology Blog)

Mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and AR headsets have made wireless networking essential to enterprise business. So too has the proliferation of networked devi... More