6 Web Development Predictions for 2021 (TNS)

As we kick-start 2021 in application and web development, two trends seem destined to continue their rapid growth: serverless and JavaScript development.... More

Technicolor Teams With RealVNC on Remote Support for Android TV Customers

Technicolor Connected Home and software company RealVNC entered into a joint initiative to enhance the ability of network service providers (NSPs) to improve remote customer care ... More

14 Tech Trends to Watch in 2021 (Rest of World)

2020 was a more eventful year than anyone could have imagined. What will the next year hold?... More

5 Analyst Predictions on the CIO Role in 2021 (CIO Dive)

CIOs will see their influence spread throughout the organisation, helping shape company culture and workflows while minding business metrics.... More

In 2021, Edge Computing Will Hit an Inflection Point (ZDNet)

Until now, edge computing was promising but still developing. In 2021, new business models will emerge that facilitate the deployment of edge in production. Cloud platforms will co... More

MGM Leverages AWS for its Supply Chain (TVB)

MGM will distribute its TV and film content across platforms using AWS.... More

New Global Tech Hubs are Emerging From the COVID Crisis (Tech Monitor)

New regions are competing with the likes of London and Silicon Valley by offering start-ups an affordable and attractive alternative to crowded traditional tech hubs with the same ... More

Why AWS is Bringing Apple’s MacOS to its Cloud (Protocol)

Apple developers will be able to use AWS-managed Mac Minis to test their Mac and iOS applications, AWS announced on the first day of the virtual re:Invent event. The new Mac instan... More

Slack Could Quickly Become Salesforce’s Golden Goose (VentureBeat)

Salesforce could provide a great platform for Slack and has plenty of experience and success in integrating major acquisitions, which would give Slack’s customers confidence if t... More

CTOs, CIOs List the Most Important Tech Trends of 2021 (Tech HQ)

2020 was a demanding year for CTOs and CIOs – what tech trends do they think will be the most transformative in 2021?... More

8 Surprise Silver Linings for IT Emerge From the Pandemic Cloud (Tech Republic)

Executives and new data shine a light on positive developments for the tech enterprise.... More

The Changing Role of the CIO in a Post-COVID World (CNBC)

Enabling a remote workforce on a moment’s notice already required a herculean effort from IT teams, who needed to establish and secure virtual environments and collaboration tool... More

With IT Salaries Dropping, Some Hard-Earned Skills Still Pay (CIO)

Employers are still willing to pay highly skilled IT staff a premium — but certification is making much less of a difference than it used to, a study shows.... More

Can Digital Enhancement Happen Amid IT Leadership Churn? (Digitally Cognizant)

To build a credible and sustainable digital and information technology capability, businesses need to instil IT leadership longevity.... More

For CIOs, the Game is About to Change – Again (ZDNet)

IT leaders have been tested like never before this year. Now they need to build on the lessons they’ve learnt to tackle the next challenge.... More

Worldwide IT Predictions for 2021 That CIOs Need to Know (Tech Republic)

Informed and cautioned by the COVID-19 crisis, predictions say CIOs need to consider remediation of shortcomings, identifying which IT areas should be accelerated, and which new te... More

CIOs Brace for 2021: A Bumpy Ride With Lots of Opportunity (IW)

How can CIOs help their organizations compete in 2021? Here's a look at the challenges ahead and the traits you need to succeed during what will be a bumpy year that is filled with... More

Making Remote Audio Post Workflows a Success (Sohonet Blog)

The final stages of the creative process are often the most essential – and the ones at most risk of being lost when workflows are torn apart.... More

Expectations of the CIO are Changing – More Business, Less Technology (CIO Dive)

Companies on the hunt for a new CIO have a laundry list of must-have traits. CIOs need to be savvy leaders with business acumen and strategy running through their core. They cannot... More

IT Predictions for 2021 and Beyond (IA)

Gartner predicts that in 2021 and beyond, the leading future technologies in IT have three key commonalities: promotion of greater innovation and efficiency; being more effective t... More

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