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Smart Hollywood Summit: How AI Makes Data Smarter

LOS ANGELES — For Tom Ohanian, global sales executive for IBM Watson Media and Weather, artificial intelligence (AI) applications are only as good as how well they’re able to a... More

IBM Watson Assistant Continues to Drive Global Business Transformation (MESA)

As the use of intelligent virtual assistants continues to grow, IBM today announced further worldwide adoption of IBM Watson Assistant, an industry leading AI solution that is desi... More

IBM Brings Watson AI to the Private Cloud (Forbes)

IBM enabled Watson AI to run across the enterprise data centers and mainstream public cloud platforms. Branded as Watson Anywhere, the flagship data and analytics platform that was... More

IBM Watson Exec to Share AI Content Creation Update at Smart Hollywood Event

Sophisticated AI and ML algorithms are already able to mimic the work of artists, pen songs, make informed filmmaking decisions, and enrich metadata to boost the value of content. ... More

IBM Brings Watson to Any Cloud (TechCrunch)

IBM today announced that it is freeing its Watson-branded AI services — like the Watson Assistant for building conversational interfaces and Watson OpenScale for managing the AI ... More

Why Director of Marketing Data Will be the Hottest New Role of 2019 (Tech Republic)

Artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize nearly every industry, and has already begun transforming the world of marketing, according to a Monday report from IBM Watson Ma... More

IBM Watson Marketing Releases 2019 Marketing Trends Report (MESA)

With artificial intelligence continuing to gain usage among marketing professionals, IBM today announced a new report from IBM Watson Marketing identifying a new breed of marketers... More

IBM Watson: Leveraging AI Can Improve Enterprise Online Video Portals

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can significantly improve an enterprise video portal, according to IBM senior sales engineer Adam Pastana. Using AI can increase content ... More

Tennis Tech: Behind the Scenes at the World’s Biggest Tennis Tournament (Forbes)

For the past few years, Wimbledon has worked with IBM to take advantage of its artificial intelligence platform - Watson - and bring some pretty impressive tech onboard. For instan... More

IBM Watson IoT’s Chief Data Scientist on Ethical Deep Learning, Building AI Humans Really Need (Dataconomy)

Romeo Kienzler: "AI needs data. If you have enough data, an AI can learn anything. This is stated by the universal function approximator theorem. Even a single hidden layer neural ... More

IBM Watson’s Lexus Ad Shows How AI Can Augment Creative (Tech HQ)

An unlikely partnership between Japanese luxury carmaker Lexus and IBM Watson has gone some way to demonstrate AI’s future role in the creative industries. Directed by Oscar-winn... More

IBM’s Watson is Now Offering Career Coaching to Hourly Employees (Quartz)

Hourly work rarely comes with benefits. But the baristas, waiters, and retail workers of the world might soon have access to a benefit formerly reserved for the C-suite.... More

RFU Enlist IBM Watson for AI Fan Engagement Boost (SportsPro Media)

The Rugby Football Union (RFU), the governing body of the sport in England, has signed a four-year extension to its partnership with IBM in a bid to improve fan engagement and play... More

How IBM Watson is Revolutionizing 10 Industries (Tech Republic)

Supply Chain: Managing an entire supply chain is tough—supply chain managers have to contend with numerous uncontrollable factors (e.g., weather, delivery delays, and unstable su... More

IBM Watson Gives Intelligent Ads Wider Release, Expands Targeting (MarTech Today)

t’s a good thing IBM’s Watson super-smart computer doesn’t need to sleep. Because his parent company is making him work all the time. The Jeopardy winner now has three new j... More

IBM Debuts Tools to Help Prevent Bias in Artificial Intelligence (Fortune)

IBM wants to help companies mitigate the chances that their artificial intelligence technologies unintentionally discriminate against certain groups like women and minorities. The ... More

IBM Watson Media, IRIS.TV Team Up to Launch AI-Powered Video Recommendations (MESA)

IBM Watson Media and IRIS.TV today announced the launch of Video Recommendations, a new AI content personalization engine designed to help publishers boost viewer engagement throug... More

IBM Gives Tennis Players a Competitive Edge with Watson at the 2018 U.S. Open (SCN)

IBM today announced that IBM Watson will now partner with tennis players and coaches to enhance their game strategy and better prepare for matches more efficiently. As a partner of... More

IBM Watson GM: AI Progress Continues, But Misconceptions Remain

Advancements continue to be made in artificial intelligence (AI) and it’s becoming increasingly prevalent across multiple industries, but misconceptions about the technology rema... More

IBM CFO Touts Q2 Watson AI Growth (MESA)

IBM saw growth in its Watson artificial intelligence (AI) platform during the second quarter (ended June 30) that “reflects strong demand” for its new virtual assistant offerin... More