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Ampere: Streaming Homes in Western Europe Set to Overtake North America in 2024 (Cineuropa)

The latest research published by British media analyst Ampere Analysis finds that the number of households taking at least one subscription OTT service in Western Europe is set to ... More

Latest Ampere Podcast Episode Explores the Rise of FAST Channels (Ampere Insights)

In this special edition of The Amp Podcast, Executive Director Richard Broughton sits down with Valerio Motti, VP of FAST Channels at Fremantle, Marion Ranchet, founder of The Loca... More

Ampere: Europe’s Public Service Media Needs Support (IBC 365)

Engagement with public service media (PSM) linear and video on demand services has fallen by 15% in Europe’s largest markets over the past six years, according to Ampere Analysis... More

Ampere: Europe’s Public Service Media in Need of Support (BTN)

Consumer research carried out by Ampere Analysis over the last six years has revealed that engagement with public service media linear or their Video on Demand services has fallen ... More

Latest Ampere Podcast Focused on Future of Linear and Public Service Broadcasters

Alice Thorpe sits down with Cyrine Amor and Minal Modha to discuss the future strategies of public service broadcasters to retain relevance, and how viewing habits for linear and s... More

Almost Half of Online Users Switch Off Broadcast TV (RTN)

In just two years, the proportion of Internet users claiming to watch little to no linear TV in a typical day grew 22% to almost half (45%) according to a study from Ampere Analysi... More

Is Streaming Killing the Video Star? (TVBE)

A new report from Ampere Analysis reveals that almost half of internet users say they have switched off broadcast TV and watch more than four hours of streaming TV in a typical day... More

North America Will Stop Holding the Majority of the OTT Market From 2024 (Señal News)

North America is set to drop below 50% of global subscription revenues generated by subscription OTT services, Ampere Analysis said in its latest report.... More

North America Will No Longer Make Majority of Global OTT Subscription Revenues From 2024 (Ampere Insights)

North America is set to drop below 50% of global subscription revenues generated by subscription OTT services, marking the first time the region will not hold the majority of the m... More

Ad-supported Platforms Look to International Growth (Ampere Insights)

As ad-supported video-on-demand platforms become increasingly established in the US, they are now looking internationally to bolster their customer base and support further revenue... More

Addressable TV Industry Predicted to Reach $87B in Next Three Years (TVBE)

The report by Ampere Analysis suggests new technologies such as generative AI may begin to support the creative process in the next few years helping to address the practical chall... More

Why are Global SVOD Platforms Targeting the Polish Market? (Señal News)

In Poland, local OTT services are having to adapt their strategies amid increasing competition from international players, according to Ampere Analysis.... More

China Becomes the Second Country to Generate $10B in Annual SVOD Revenue (Ampere Insights)

Although none of the big US-owned global SVoDs, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, is allowed to launch directly in China, the country’s SVoD market has grown in ... More

Ampere: U.S. Film Producers Rush Scripts to Cannes Market in Shadow of WGA Strike

The number of projects Ampere tracked going into development in the US during April and May 2023 was up over 35% on the previous year.... More

Multi-platform Gamers: Who is Watching the Most Games Video? (Ampere Insights)

The devices a gamer uses to play can provide an indication of their engagement with games-related or influencer video content. Games-related video content describes anything from g... More

Ampere: Games Industry Investment Activity, Q1 2023

Restrictive financial conditions continue to exert pressure on the games industry; in early 2023, businesses were more risk adverse and generally less willing to invest.... More

New Ampere Podcast Episode Focused on the TV and Streaming Industry in Europe

A chat about the current and future state of the TV and streaming industry in Europe. Nick Thomas talks to Sam Young about the battle over theatrical release windows in France, Nei... More

Will Netflix Account Sharing Crackdown Pay Off? (Ampere Insights)

The move includes most of its largest markets, including the US, which represents almost 30% of the company’s total subscribers and around 40% of its total revenue. Ampere Consu... More

Games Market Enters a New Era as Pandemic Years Re-Set Growth Dynamic (Ampere Insights)

In 2022, global spending on games content and services declined by 5.6% to $182.3bn (-1.3% in constant currency). This represented a strong performance considering it was the first... More

German Sports Fans Embrace Live Streaming (Ampere Insights)

The UEFA Champions League quarter final last month between Bayern Munich and Manchester City may have seen the German giants knocked out. But there was reason for cheer among strea... More