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As Streaming Giants Cut Back on Spending Growth, Europe’s Broadcasters May Capitalise (THR)

In a new forecast, Ampere Analysis predicts that after reaching the same spending level as commercial broadcasters for the first time in 2023, spending by subscription video-on-dem... More

New Ampere Podcast: Apple’s Movie Licensing Strategy, and Analysing Churn Behaviours in US Customers

On this episode of The Amp Podcast, Senior Analyst Jaanika Juntson analyses YouTube's unique position in the entertainment market, Research Manager Rahul Patel looks at why Apple T... More

Ampere Analysis: Growing Fatigue with Online Video Services is Increasing the Risk of Subscriber Churn

Ampere’s latest consumer research shows that Internet users are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with the number of online video services they have access to. As of Q1 2024, acr... More

How Amazon Prime Video in the UK is Optimising Revenue From Ads and Subscriptions

In early 2024, Amazon announced the roll-out of ads for all existing Prime Video users, who had previously enjoyed the streaming service ad-free. Moreover, on February 5th, along w... More

Live Service, Subscriptions and F2P: A New Reality for Console Gaming (GamesIndustry)

Ampere Analysis' Piers Harding-Rolls breaks down the biggest changes in business models across the console space, and what this means for developers and publishers.... More

NFL Supercharges Streaming in the U.S. (Ampere Insights)

New consumer research from Ampere Analysis has highlighted the importance of live sports to US streaming platforms. Ampere’s latest consumer survey shows that streaming platforms... More

New Ampere Podcast Looks at How Streaming Services, Broadcasters are Evolving International Content Strategies

Over the last few years, uncertain economic conditions and changing viewing habits have forced streaming services and broadcasters to evolve their international strategies. This ep... More

The Nordics: Content Spending Growth, in an Evolving Landscape (Señal News)

Ampere Analysis’ Senior Analysts Peter Ingram and Maria Dunleavy described the company’s findings about one of Europe’s most mature TV and VOD markets.... More

Video Game Characters Gained Terrain in Hollywood (Senal News)

According to Ampere Analysis, video games IP is driving ever-bigger hits, on the cusp of overtaking established comic-book franchises.... More

Ampere: Super Bowl Boosts Streaming Services (Deadline)

At a time of Hollywood contraction, the streamers’ fierce push into live sports appears to be paying off, according to the latest research from Ampere Analysis. Ampere examined t... More

Netflix’s Licensing Deal for HBO Originals Bears Fruit (Senal News)

A research by Ampere Analysis revealed that, as these shows gain popularity on Netflix, users will be drawn to subscribe to Max to continue their stories.... More

Latest Ampere Podcast Focused on Streaming’s Path to Profitability

Over the past two years the streaming industry has shifted its attention away from pure subscriber growth, and set its eyes instead on profitability. On this episode of The Amp Pod... More

BBC Commissioned Half of All UK TV Scripted Shows Last Year, Ampere Research Finds (Deadline)

The BBC commissioned half of all UK TV scripted last year, defying the slowdown that hit its rivals and streamers and spending big on kids shows and thrillers, according to new res... More

Amazon Leads in Latin American Streaming Commissions for the First Time (Ampere Analysis)

Amazon Prime Video is now the leading streaming commissioner in Latin America, with 23 commissions for its video-on-demand platform announced in the second half of 2023.... More

Ampere: U.S. Streaming Revenue Will Overtake Pay-TV This Year (TVB)

Total revenues from streaming (including advertising revenue from hybrid streaming subscription tiers) will overtake revenues from pay-TV subscriptions in the United States for the... More

Why Disney Seen as the ‘Big Winner in the Licensing Renaissance’ (THR)

"Disney trumps all the other major studios with its ownership of powerful licensable content, owning more than double that of its rivals," says Ampere Analysis in a new report.... More

The Comeback of Content Licensing (Senal News)

According to the latest research by Ampere Analysis, content licensing is set to grow again after four years, offering significant benefits for major studios.... More

New Episode of Ampere Podcast Focused on 2024 Trends in Content Licensing, Commissioning

The past year has seen studios and streaming services shift their attention towards revenue growth and profitability, a move which has had significant impacts on how these companie... More

Global TV Landscape Transforms as Netflix and Amazon Shift Focus Abroad, Adjust Post-Strike, Shift Genre Focus (Variety)

Netflix and Amazon now produce over half of their content internationally, an inflection point from traditional U.S.-centric production to a more diversified and growing global app... More

Ampere: Content Spend to Grow 2% in 2024 (BTN)

As broadcasters and streaming services revive postponed productions a steady flow of content is expected to push global content into mild growth. Ampere’s forecasts estimate that... More