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Global 5G IoT Connections Could Surpass 100M by 2026 (Digit)

A new study has suggested that 5G IoT (Internet of Things) connections will reach 116 million globally by 2026; rising from just 17 million in 2023.... More

The Dark Web’s Criminal Minds See IoT as the Next Big Hacking Prize (CNBC)

Cybersecurity experts say 2022 may have marked an inflection point due to the rapid proliferation of IoT devices. There are now an estimated 17 billion IoT devices in the world, fr... More

Why Does IoT Matter for Business? (Tech Monitor)

The Internet of Things is becoming more pervasive, but what exactly are the benefits for business?... More

The Four Stages of IoT Development: How We Get to a Fully Automated World (Verdict)

The Internet of Things, or IoT, plays a huge part in automating the world. IoT refers to how different devices are connected via the web and are able influence their surroundings. ... More

Tech Mahindra, Anritsu Collaborate to Establish IoT Experience Lab

Located in Tech Mahindra's Fremont, CA facility, it will provide efficient testing of 5G devices used in emerging IoT use cases. The lab aims to create a simple, cost-effective env... More

IoT Security and the Internet of Forgotten Things (Security Intelligence)

How many IoT devices are out there waiting for a breach? Today, about 12.3 billion devices connect to the internet worldwide. What about the devices you might have forgotten about?... More

How to Solve for Digital Infrastructure in the IoT Era (Interconnections)

The Internet of Things creates exponential data growth and complexity; enterprises must adjust their digital infrastructure accordingly.... More

AI and IoT are Enabling the Third Wave of Photography (Arm Blueprint)

Still images. Then motion pictures. Next: cameras that fuse motion, thermal and other data for a more complete picture of the world around us.... More

The 5 Top Internet of Things Trends in 2022 (Forbes)

IoT is a trend that is driving the ongoing digitization and datafication of society in many new and amazing ways.... More

Should IT Departments be Responsible for IoT? (IoT For All)

Right now, the IoT industry is maturing from test projects and pilots to full-scale IoT applications deployed across large enterprises. However, as the industry is rapidly maturing... More

Is the Technology Sector Seeing the Beginnings of an Internet of Things Investment Boom? (Verdict)

The technology industry is seeing changes in internet of things investment across several key metrics, according to an analysis of GlobalData figures. Internet of things is one of ... More

Smart Homes: Inside a New Fast Growing Market, Set to be Worth $75B by 2025 (Verdict)

Smart homes are smart business. According to new analysis the home automation market was worth $35.9bn in 2020, and will expand to $75.3bn by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate ... More

Remote Work, IoT Expected to Help Balloon Data Center Market (CIO Dive)

Though the data center industry was already booming, the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated the demand for data centers. Just three out of 10 white-collar employees are now working... More

Equinix, Google Cloud Leverage Seattle Metro Hub for IoT (Interconnections)

Business connectivity is all about efficient data transit. For every enterprise with local, regional and global elements, establishing and sustaining secure, highly available inter... More

The Tantalising Business Opportunity Presented by IoT (Tech HQ)

Internet of Things devices are becoming mainstays of our everyday life, connecting even TVs and fridges, but the potential of IoT to drive business outcomes is just beginning to be... More

Spain Launches Private-Public Technology Fund of Up to 4 Billion Euros (Reuters)

Spain announced the creation of a new capital risk fund set to raise up to 4 billion euros for public-private investment in technologies such as cloud services, big data, AI and bl... More

Arm Empowers MCU Software Developers to Capitalize on IoT Potential

The Open-CMSIS-Pack project will deliver the infrastructure to integrate and manage software components and improve code reuse across projects. Keil Studio Cloud provides a cloud-h... More

In the Race to Realize the IoT, There’s No Need to Run Alone (Blueprint)

Arm's Mohamed Awad unpacks the latest Forrester Research report into IoT solutions development and finds an encouraging message: There may be challenges ahead but the ecosystem has... More

IoT Must Become the Internet of Secure Things for Widescale Acceptance in the 5G Era (Verdict)

As the world reopens for business, 2021 is seen as a year of cyber security catch-up for the IoT – one of many technology themes impacted by the pandemic and the ongoing chip sho... More

UK’s IoT ‘Security by Design’ Law Will Cover Smartphones Too (TechCrunch)

Smartphones will be included in the scope of a planned “security by design” UK law aimed at beefing up the security of consumer devices, the government said. It made the announ... More