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14 Growing Industry Trends That are Raising the Stakes for Business Developers (Forbes)

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Gen X are the UK’s Leading Entrepreneurs (LLB)

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M&E Journal: Marrying Our Creative and Business Practices

Along with many of you, I’m sure, my wife and I have been introducing our kids to the movies we watched growing up. Raiders of the Lost Ark, that 1981 phenom, was on the other ni... More

The Gender Pay Gap Can Close in 5 Years: C-Suite Leaders Show Us How (Salesforce Blog)

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Should You Start a Company With Your Friend? (BBC)

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6 Things Women Shouldn’t Do When Starting a Business (CNBC)

Each year, more women head out on their own as entrepreneurs. Women currently are majority owners of 39% of U.S. small businesses, a 45% increase from 2007 to 2016, according to SC... More

M&E Journal: Be the Buffalo

By Timothy Sheehy - I live on the Great Plains. Home to horizons that go on forever, and blue skies that go even farther. Vast areas of land and air that impress you with your u... More

From Now to Next: Pandemic Responses, Conundrums, Business Resiliency for TMT Companies (LI)

A look at what’s happening within and across subsectors of TMT tells us that not only are changes and responses morphing rapidly, but numerous conundrums have also arisen. Indeed... More

M&E Journal: Finding the Right Content Financials Solution for M&E

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How Small Businesses Can Get Money From the Stimulus Package (Vox)

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EY: Five Strategies for Businesses to Lessen Coronavirus Impact (Consulting)

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EY Report: U.S. Most Attractive M&A Target Country (Consultancy)

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M&E Journal: Intelligence vs. Wisdom: Choose Wisely to Transform Business Operations

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Pepperdine Graziadio Business School Marks 50th with ‘Industry 4.0’ Event

The Pepperdine Graziadio Business School will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a full-day academic conference April 2 in Los Angeles, exploring the “Fourth Industrial Revoluti... More

New SAP Podcast Aims to Give ‘Emerging Leaders’ in Business Some Savvy Advice (Fortune)

New podcasts debut seemingly every day, but most seem to focus on true crime stories or analyzing the latest tech news. Jennifer Morgan, a president at business software company SA... More