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Comedy’s Next Generation is on TikTok (Variety)

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How TikTok is Fueling Hollywood Marketing (Deadline)

TikTok’s grip on young audiences is a well-established fact, but the social network has just released a new report detailing how that defining trait has made it increasingly attr... More

How TikTok is Building on the Video App’s Entertainment Strategy (Variety)

TikTok, which now boasts more than 1 billion monthly users across the globe, isn’t a social media app — it’s become a top entertainment destination for a new generation.... More

TikTok’s Next Big Thing? A Strange Plan to Take Over Your TV (Wired)

The app’s arrival on smart TVs is part of a plan to diversify its audience – and bring its stars further into the mainstream... More

Retailers are Pushing Their Employees to Become TikTok Influencers (Digiday)

Brands and retailers are desperate to get their employees to post on TikTok. For years, companies have invested in recruiting employee influencers who can put a face to the brand a... More

TikTok Scores New Deal With Sony (AdAge)

Agreement would give artists more money when their work is used in the popular video app.... More

What TikTok’s U.S. Deal Means for its Business in Europe (CNBC)

TikTok has over 100 million users and 1,600 employees in Europe, but the company’s future on the continent is uncertain. ... More

Trump Gets a TikTok Deal, but ByteDance Keeps A Lot of the Power (Protocol)

President Trump has approved a plan for Oracle to process TikTok's U.S. data and take a minority stake in the company. But the announcement was short on details about ByteDance.... More

Trump to Block Downloads of TikTok, WeChat on Sunday (CNBC)

The Commerce Department announced that it will ban U.S. business transactions with Chinese-owned social apps WeChat and TikTok on Sunday. TikTok has a Nov. 12 deadline before compa... More

Walmart is Teaming Up With Microsoft on TikTok Bid (CNBC)

Walmart said it’s teaming up with Microsoft in a bid for TikTok. The retail giant confirmed to CNBC that it’s interested in buying the popular short-form video application. In ... More

With TikTok’s Future in Limbo, Creators Turn to Instagram, YouTube (CNET)

Getting your fans to follow you to another social media app isn't easy.... More

TikTok Announces First Data Centre in Europe (TechCrunch)

TikTok, the Chinese video sharing app that’s found itself at the center of a geopolitical power struggle which threatens to put hard limits on its global growth this year, said i... More

Microsoft Exploring TikTok Acquisition (Billboard)

Microsoft said that it would continue to explore an acquisition of TikTok after discussing the matter with President Donald Trump. The statement follows Trump's Friday comments to ... More

TikTok Tries to Grow Up as Pandemic Pushes it to Wider Prominence (TubeFilter)

If any social media site has “won” the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown it’s TikTok. Now, the site is taking some steps to grow up and become a major player. As such, it repres... More

Disney’s Kevin Mayer to Become TikTok CEO (Billboard)

Kevin Mayer, the Disney executive who oversaw the launch of the streaming service Disney+, is leaving his post at the entertainment giant to become CEO of the fast-growing social m... More

TikTok Boom! How the Exploding Social Media App is Going Hollywood (THR)

The impossible-to-ignore, 2 billion strong platform is leveraging a massive sheltering-at-home audience hungry for new content to draw A-listers and turn its homegrown roster into ... More

How TikTok Holds Our Attention (New Yorker)

On the popular short-video app, young people are churning through images and sounds at warp speed, repurposing reality into ironic, bite-size content.... More

Tom Brady Joins TikTok on Heels of NFL’s Deal With Video Platform (Variety)

Tom Brady is now on TikTok: The New England Patriots QB, in his first post on the social-video service Tuesday, shared highlights from his Week 1 game day in which the Patriots tro... More

NFL Goes After Gen-Z With New Multi-Year Partnership on TikTok (CNBC)

The NFL is hoping TikTok will help it score with young viewers. According to TikTok, NFL’s content will include highlights, sideline moments and behind-the-scenes footage. The co... More

TikTok’s Parent Company Confirms Plans for a Smartphone (Engadget)

Yes, the company behind TikTok really is making a smartphone. ByteDance has confirmed that's producing a handset in a "continuation" of a project from Chinese phone maker Smartisan... More