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Disney Is Consolidating Its VR Apps: Here’s Why That Matters (Refinery29)

Were you to get a VR headset and decide to use it, you’d find that the content is frustratingly hard to find. There's a lot of great stuff, but the hunt can be frustrating. Disne... More

Audio-only VR: Is It Ready for Prime Time? (CNET)

Virtual-reality surround sound -- also known as 3D audio, binaural, 5.1 or whatever you want to call it -- never caught on for music. Surround sound that goes hand-in-hand with vid... More

Virtual Reality Nearly Overshadows Video at the NewFronts (AdAge)

All the plans may seem like overkill for an emerging medium that only a small slice of Americans have even sampled. But these VR and 360-video opportunities do have promise for mar... More

Cannes Film Festival Puts on Its Virtual Reality Headset (Variety)

As virtual reality evolves beyond the realms of gaming and advertising and becomes an alternative medium for filmmakers and storytellers, Cannes has taken note. The festival this y... More

The San Francisco Giants Want To Bring Fans Closer To The Action With VR (FastCompany)

For many fans, the next best thing to being at a game in person is up-close virtual access to their favorite players. For example, imagine lying on the ground in between 2014 World... More

How VR Will Revolutionize Big Data Visualizations (Forbes)

Visualization is often a key part of the ‘crucial last step’ in Big Data projects – large scale analytical operations designed to draw insights from the ever growing amount o... More

Live Nation Will Stream Hundreds of Concerts in Virtual Reality (Variety)

Live Nation has partnered with virtual reality streaming startup NextVR to stream hundreds of concerts and other events to users of VR headsets. A first concert will be streamed th... More

After Experimenting With 360-Degree Storytelling, Publishers Are Going All-In on VR (Adweek)

Since its inception in 2012, Digital Content NewFronts presentations have been all about convincing marketers to double down on digital video. But this year's extravaganza seeks to... More

Study: VR’s ‘Tipping Point’ Still Years Away (MCN)

Though there is strong interest in and momentum behind the virtual reality market, the tipping point on mainstream adoption is still years away, Greenlight VR found in a new 10-yea... More

Playing it Safe: The Challenges of Testing ‘Presence’ in VR (Develop)

Julian Mower, Testronic: Without a doubt, we are entering one of the most exciting periods the games market has seen for many years – with the arrival of virtual reality, interac... More

How Quickly Will Online Video Transition to VR? (VideoInk)

Why am I circling December 25th on my calendar? Because Christmas 2016 is judgment day for Virtual Reality. Many telltale signs point toward Christmas as being a make or break mome... More

NAB 2016: Virtual Reality Is Growing, and Investors Waiting Until It Matures (B&C)

In the first quarter of this year, investors and venture capitalists have pumped $300-$400 million into the virtual reality business, the same amount of money that was invested in ... More

Virtual Reality Lures Media Companies to a New Frontier (New York Times)

Media and entertainment companies want to help shape the next entertainment platform: virtual reality. Over the last several months, companies including Condé Nast and Vice Media ... More

Turner App Adds VR for Final Four (B&C)

NCAA March Madness Live, the men’s college basketball championship tourney app developed by Turner Sports and CBS, will have a new feature for the Final Four: virtual reality. Bo... More

The Oculus Rift Is Here, but Virtual Reality Is Still Rough Around the Edges (New York Times)

A dream of science fiction, which is how Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg describes virtual reality, is about to come true. Oculus, the virtual-reality company that Facebook acquired f... More

Testronic to Open Dedicated VR Test Center (MESA)

Testronic, a leading QA, localization and compliance specialist, has opened a dedicated Virtual Reality Test Centre. The VR Centre will operate within Testronic’s Warsaw, Poland ... More

Hardware Giants Bet Big on Virtual Reality and a Market That Doesn’t Yet Exist (Variety)

Remember that feeling as a child before your birthday — the mixture of excitement and worry that deepest-held wishes might not come true? That’s how everyone in the nascent bus... More

Steve Wozniak and Palmer Luckey: Virtual Reality, Yes. Augmented Reality, Not Yet. (Re/code)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey looooovvvve virtual reality, they told Re/code Executive Editor Kara Swisher at Silicon Valley Comic Con — but ... More

VR: The Time for Tech Demos is Over (GamesIndustry)

It's going to be quite a few years before VR becomes the mass-market revolution that the hype around the technology at GDC would suggest, but the shape of the early years, at least... More

We Have 5 Years Until The Virtual Reality Revolution (ARC)

Technology cycles create periods of hype and fizzle. Expectations are enormous … often followed by tempered reality when actual market dynamics are realized. For instance, smartw... More