How Netflix Is Using the Cloud to Get Productions Over the Finish Line (TVB)

Netflix's director of production strategy Jeff Shapiro, and Peter Cioni, director of production business development, talk to TVBEurope about how the streamer is using the cloud to... More

Microsoft Launches Azure OpenAI Service With ChatGPT Coming Soon (The Verge)

Microsoft is rolling out its Azure OpenAI service this week, allowing businesses to integrate tools like DALL-E into their own cloud apps. Microsoft has been testing this Azure ser... More

Hailing That Storage In the Sky (TV Tech)

The evolution of archiving in the cloud.... More

A Closer Look at Making Amazon’s ‘The Rings of Power’ (Post)

Production took place in New Zealand and visual effects tasks were distributed to a number of studios throughout the world. Employing a cloud workflow was the only way to make the ... More

Media Workflows In the Cloud Is Ultimate End Game For Liverpool Football Club (Wasabi Blog)

Centralising their content in the Wasabi cloud, LFC finds a simple, cost-effective solution for removing data silos and enabling streamlined, collaborative media workflows.... More

Lines Between Gaming and Video Streaming to Blur by 2030 (Verdict)

There is no great mystery as to why traditional streaming platforms would like to get involved in video games: they will need to in order to survive. Moving into video games could ... More

Microsoft Launches Project AirSim, Developed on Azure (TR)

The new platform running on Microsoft Azure builds, trains and tests autonomous aircraft through high-fidelity simulation. The project uses AI to generate huge volumes of data. It ... More

The Next Frontier in Cloud Computing (InfoWorld)

Supercloud? Metacloud? The race is on to name the emerging layer of abstraction and automation that will remove the complexity of multicloud.... More

Riot Games, AWS Partner on Cloud-First Remote Broadcast Centers (TVB)

Riot Games is collaborating with Amazon Web Services on what it calls “Project Stryker”, a series of cloud-first remote broadcast centers that leverage AWS technologies. In the... More

Building a Feature Film in the Cloud (TVB)

Built interactively, Rift relied on DaVinci Resolve Studio as a planning and timeline tool instead of conventional storyboards typically associated with animation. Created and rend... More

The Simple, Flexible Route to Making the Most of the Cloud (EditShare Blog)

In the post industry, the biggest pressure today – aside from the usual need to control costs and boost productivity – is the need to support a “work anywhere” environment.... More

Adobe Rolls Out New Creative Cloud Express Features for Planning and Publishing Social Media Posts (TechCrunch)

Adobe announced today that it’s introducing a new suite of Creative Cloud Express capabilities to make it easier to plan, schedule, preview and publish social media content acros... More

How Cloud is Powering the Future of Entertainment (IT Pro)

Cloud storage is finally catching up with the needs of the media and entertainment industry.... More

Cloud Computing and the Metaverse (InfoWorld)

The truth is that the metaverse will be a boon for cloud computing, considering the amount of storage and processing required to support a virtual reality universe. As more perform... More

Ahead in the Cloud: The Force Behind the Digital Revolution (Forbes)

The next time you’re listening to your favorite Apple Music playlist, consider the technology that’s making it possible for you to listen to whatever you want, wherever you wan... More

LucidLink, DPP Release New Research on Cloud Post Production

LucidLink released a new report, Cloud for Media: Post Production, from the DPP. Highlights from the report include state of play for cloud in production houses across the world. (... More

How the Pandemic Changed Video Editing (Techonomy)

A new software for the cloud-centric, remote-work era lets collaborators easily edit a video at the same time, wherever they are.... More

Where the Metaverse is Already Reality: Will Gaming Finally Go Cloud in 2022? (Verdict)

There’s one sector where virtual worlds are already huge: that’s gaming, though curiously this is a sector which hasn’t yet moved to the Cloud. Nothing underlines this metave... More

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