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AWS and Immutable to Supercharge Mass Adoption of Web3 Gaming Globally

Immutable, a leading web3 gaming company, announced that it will work with Amazon Web Services to embark on a number of infrastructure and go-to-market initiatives designed to acce... More

Hollywood Meets Art: How NFTs are Revolutionising the Entertainment Industry (RS)

The emergence of blockchain technology has provided a new opportunity for the entertainment industry to improve and redefine itself, and evidence suggests it has taken it.... More

How Blockchain Technology Can Create Transformative Change on a Global Scale (Forbes)

The technology will create more secure, reliable, and efficient systems, and organizations should look for ways to adopt the technology where appropriate.... More

AWS Taps Avalanche to Help Bring Blockchain Technology to Enterprises, Governments (CoinDesk)

Amazon Web Services will work with Ava Labs to try to bring wider adoption of blockchain technology by enterprises, institutions and governments, the two companies announced. The p... More

5 Ways CFOs Can Maximise Blockchain Technology (CFO)

As the next generation of the world wide web comes to fruition, new economic and technological infrastructures are on the horizon. With this new generation, known as Web3, concepts... More

Why Web3.0 Blockchain Technology is Driving a $6T Market (TechRepublic)

cryptos are just one part of the new sector. Gartner explains that while cryptocurrencies crashed in the first half of 2022, decision-makers should not assume that the value of Web... More

Why Marketing Agencies Should Use Blockchain Technology (Entrepreneur)

While many of these blockchain services are still in their infancy stages, implementing this disruptive technology into your marketing suite can provide the following value for you... More

CIRKAY, Virgin Records Announce the UK’s First Ever Chart Compliant Album to Include an NFT Powered by Eluvio

CIRKAY announced in conjunction with Virgin Records the release of The Amazons Digital Box Set NFT. The NFTs will be sold on the CIRKAY Marketplace powered by Eluvio's eco-friendly... More

How Blockchain Can Change the Entertainment Industry (Forbes)

The way content is funded, produced, distributed and exhibited is all set to be positively disrupted using blockchain technology.... More

Warner Bros. Releasing 91,000 NFTs for ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ (Variety)

While the “Space Jam” NFTs are not being auctioned, there’s still an element of exclusivity. The digital collectibles will include 2D and 3D-animated versions with five level... More

IBM, R3 Team Up to Bring Blockchain Technology to Hybrid Cloud Deployments (ZDNet)

IBM says the partnership is important in supporting an open blockchain ecosystem.... More

Gartner: Blockchain Technology Picking Up in 2020 (TechWire Asia)

Over the past 12 months, businesses have been exploring blockchain purely because of a certain set of capabilities that it offers, namely, transparency, traceability, and immutabil... More

How Blockchain Works in Video Games (Forbes)

Software application developers who focus on building video games for consoles, PCs or smaller handheld devices have a specific set of tools they use every day. Some game developer... More

How Blockchain May Kill the Password (CW)

Blockchain technology is being piloted as the basis for self-sovereign identities, which can eliminate user names and passwords for logging into corporate sites or verify sensitive... More

Why Advertisers Can’t Ignore Blockchain Technology (Forbes)

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What Blockchain Technology Can Do for Online Advertising (SmartBrief)

For the online advertising industry, there is real potential for the technology to help make it more effective and efficient. Currently, online advertising is fraught with fraud, w... More

Cognizant: Blockchain Demand Growing, But Obstacles Remain

Blockchain demand and usage is growing across multiple business sectors, but several challenges remain that are preventing the technology from being implemented at scale, according... More

How Social Media Can Benefit from Blockchain Technology (Forbes)

Blockchain has gained increasing popularity over the past year. Having begun as the technology behind cryptocurrency exchanges, it has now shown promise in almost every other secto... More

Blockchain Technology: Five Obstacles to Mainstream Adoption (Forbes)

5. Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is a challenge in any digital context, and particularly so with the evolving set of services that are built around blockchain technologies.... More

Amazon Launches Blockchain Business Cloud in Partnership with ConsenSys (Gigabit)

Amazon’s cloud computing unit Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered up with New York-based software company to better provide its customers with access to blockchain technology... More