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The Speed Lowdown on Downloads (MCN)

The Federal Communications Commission has made 25 Megabits per second the de facto standard for high-speed broadband, which is also its calculated minimum download speed for 4K vid... More

30 Years on, Reports of the Web’s Death are Exaggerated (Wired)

Today's web wasn't what Tim Berners-Lee envisioned 30 years ago when he pitched the idea of a "distributed hypertext system" to the European Organization for Nuclear Research, bett... More

Parks: 83% of U.S. Smart TV Owners Connect Their Set to the Web (Digital TV Europe)

The study claims that smart TV ownership increased from 34% to 53% of US broadband households between 2014 and 2018, while ownership of streaming media players has grown from about... More

Will We Someday be Able to Do Everything Through Online Platforms? (ReadWrite)

Online platforms continue to change the way the world works, yet people continue to doubt the extent of these platforms’ power to disrupt. By now, the question should not be whet... More

The Web Will Soon be a Little Safer with the Approval of New Security Standard (TechCrunch)

Hear that? It’s almost as if thousands of spooks and hackers suddenly cried out at once… The Internet Engineers Task Force has just unanimously approved a security framework th... More

ESPN is Angling for a Comeback on the Web (NY Post)

The network is “remaking the cost base” and developing “new streams of revenue” to replace lost dollars, said Steve Swartz, CEO of Hearst, the publishing giant that owns 20... More

Publishers are Making More Video – Whether You Want it or Not (Bloomberg)

Americans are expected to spend 81 minutes a day watching digital video in 2019, up from 61 minutes in 2015, according to projections by research firm eMarketer. Time spent reading... More

Google Tests Subscription Tool for Publishers (Bloomberg)

Google is developing new tools designed to boost subscriptions for news publishers. It follows a similar olive branch from Facebook Inc. to an industry that has seen the digital be... More

The Complexities of Converting Readers into Subscribers (Digiday)

Driving direct connections with readers has become increasingly important. For publishers with subscription models, converting those readers into subscribers — like everything in... More

Debate Rages Over Controversial Copyright Standard for the Web (New Scientist)

It’s a fight for the future of the web. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an organisation that sets standards for how the web works, has formally proposed a controversial new ... More

Survey: Advertiser Tracking Concerns Second Only to Hacking for Web Users (The Drum)

Hacking is a lead concern for web users, but it is closely followed by advertiser tracking, an issue the marketing industry may have to address if it wants to continue to deliver a... More

How Snapchat is Changing the Way the Web Works, Looks (Tubefilter)

For more than a year, the company’s design innovations have been transforming the way we’re using smartphones and digital media, even if you’ve never even seen the Snapchat a... More

China Increases Internet Controls, Hits VPNs, as Web Population Grows (Variety)

Chinese regulators have unveiled new controls limiting access to overseas websites. The move, announced Sunday, comes as China’s population of online users increased to 731 milli... More

NSS Labs: Encrypted Web Traffic on the Rise

Cyber security research and testing company NSS Labs is seeing a stark rise in enterprises using both Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to sec... More

Algorithms are Getting More Powerful and Persuasive (Raconteur)

What we see, what we buy and what we think are increasingly out of our control, and are instead being chosen by computer algorithms. Algorithms, mathematical number crunchers that ... More

Publishers Are Rethinking Those ‘Around the Web’ Ads (NY Times)

You see them everywhere, and maybe, sometimes, you click: those rows of links under web articles, often augmented with eye-catching photos and curiosity-stoking headlines about the... More

M&E Journal: Wanted: Cable for the Web

By William Mobley, President & CEO, FreeCast - The media industry is facing a dilemma unlike anything it’s ever seen before. The business model upon which cable TV is built is... More

Why Starbucks is Launching a Web Series (Fortune)

Starbucks is debuting an original web series with a promise to deliver positive stories about ordinary Americans, a vision backed by CEO Howard Schultz, who continues to lament “... More

Disney Channel ‘Free Period’: 12 Short-Form Movies Launch Online (Variety)

Disney Channel, looking to drive young viewers to digital destinations in the last weeks of summer vacation, is launching a block of 12 short-form movies on its ad-supported online... More

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft Back EU Hate Speech Rules (Reuters)

EU governments have been trying in recent months to get social platforms to crack down on rising online racism following the refugee crisis and terror attacks, with some even threa... More