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Report: Unclear Expectations Most Frequent Hurdle to App Modernization (CIO Dive)

In modern businesses, apps manage core business processes, from financial transactions to product delivery or customer service. Each second an application has to go offline as mode... More

Digital Ad Spend to Reach $1.05T Globally in 2026, Driven by In-App Ad Growth (B&T)

The report anticipates that desktop advertising spend will increase from $US97 billion ($A134 billion) in 2022 to $US142 billion ($A200 billion) in 2026, despite a diversion of spe... More

How Mobile App Developers are Taking Cues From the Mobile Gaming Space (Digiday)

Mobile app use has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and mobile gaming is leading the charge. Between Q2 2019 and Q2 2020, mobile app purchases grew 15% year-over-year on i... More

Driven by Live Streams, Consumer Spending in Social Apps to Hit $17.2B in 2025 (TechCrunch)

Initially, much of the livestream economy was based on one-off purchases like sticker packs, but today, consumers are gifting content creators directly during their live streams. S... More

Quarterly Mobile App Spending Hits All-Time High (RTN)

Even as COVID restrictions started to ease in the leading economies over the course of the year, there has been no stopping the mobile app industry.... More

Early Conversations Underway Toward Considering Filmmaker Mode-Support for Streaming Awards Screener Apps (THR)

A setting on select TVs announced this week at CES, Filmmaker Mode is aimed at preserving filmmakers' creative intent and is championed by leading filmmakers including Martin Scors... More

Apple Users Spent $1.8B on Apps in Last Week of 2020 (Bloomberg)

Apple said that most of the spending between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve went to games.... More

Video Streaming Apps See Major Surge as Lockdowns Continue (RTN)

With consumers stuck at home due to continuing Covid lockdowns, they’re continuing to turn to streaming apps to stay entertained and pass the time.... More

M&E Day: ‘Good Progress’ Made With App & Cloud Framework, CDSA Says

The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) has “made good progress” so far with its App & Cloud Framework, according to Ben Schofield, CDSA project manager and... More

App Challenges Rise as People Spend More Time in Them (Media Post)

The average person will spend the majority of their time on a mobile device using apps rather than web browsers, with the average person spending 2:57 in apps vs. 0:26 on a mobile ... More

Inside Apple’s Team That Greenlights iPhone Apps for the App Store (CNBC)

The app review process has grown in importance as Apple increasingly emphasizes its App Store services as a source of revenue and iPhone security as a key selling point. In additio... More

Inside the Apple Team That Decides Which Apps Get on iPhones (Bloomberg)

The former head of App Store reviews discusses why apps get rejected, competition between Apple and developers, and planning for WWDC.... More

Netflix Testing New Mobile App Content Feed (Business Insider)

The more TV shows and movies that hit Netflix, the harder it becomes for people to sort through all of the content on the service to find something to watch.... More

Study: 88% of Consumers Show ‘Appnostic’ Mobile Behavior (Mobile Marketer)

The portability of mobile devices has opened an always-on media channel to reach consumers, especially as more people sign up for unlimited data plans. Wireless carriers and phone ... More

Apple’s App Store Sets Holiday, New Year’s Day Sales Records (Billboard)

Apple's App Store had a particularly merry holiday season, setting new sales records to cap an already record-breaking year. The tech giant announced on Thursday (Jan. 3) user spen... More

The B2B App Boom Will Only Grow in 2019 (CMS Wire)

This has been a landmark year for the release of new business apps. Vendors, including software industry giants like IBM and SAP, have been flooding the market with hundreds of new... More

Analyst: Apple’s App Store Ads Could be a $2B Business by 2020 (CNBC)

Apple's Search Ad business could generate over $500 million in revenue this year and quadruple that to $2 billion by 2020, Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi claims. If correct, the... More

New NBCUniversal Streaming App Rewards Viewers for Watching Shows (THR)

The idea behind WatchBack is for the media giant to learn about consumption habits, data that is often not available to NBC when someone watches a show on linear television. ... More

Almost Half of OTT Apps are Abandoned After a Month (TV Technology)

Almost half of OTT apps are abandoned within a month of download according to a new report. The report also found that OTT applications experience 67 per cent churn within the firs... More

Apple Removed Illegal Apps from China Store Following Pressure from State Media (VentureBeat)

Apple says it has pulled illegal lottery apps from its App Store in China amid tightening regulation and a barrage of criticism from state media. According to state media, the comp... More