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Inside the New Copyright Claims Board

A few short weeks ago, the new Copyright Claims Board, “an efficient and user-friendly option” to resolve copyright small claims (up to $30,000), opened for business. “Effici... More

Inside the New Copyright Claims Board

A few short weeks ago, the new Copyright Claims Board, “an efficient and user-friendly option” to resolve copyright small claims (up to $30,000), opened for business. “Effici... More

Copyright Violations Could Crash the NFT Party (Fortune)

As more and more institutional money is invested into NFTs, issues that may have been ignored in a niche industry are suddenly becoming important in a multibillion-dollar industry.... More

Streaming, Music and Rights Management (Rightsline Blog)

The change in how media is consumed has brought up quite a few questions about how streaming affects data management, rights management, ownership and copyright, and how software s... More

No, NFTs Aren’t Copyrights (TechCrunch)

The reality of NFT ownership is much more complicated than one might imagine. As a new crypto asset class, NFTs appear to exist almost unbound by current regulatory systems. But wh... More

M&E Journal: Content Security in the World of Independent Film

Cybersecurity is a primary concern of organizational leaders across industries. As more and more business transactions, transfers of information, and handling of creative asset... More

YouTube Secures a Big Win in the EU Over Copyright (CNBC)

The European Union’s top court on Tuesday ruled that Google’s YouTube and other online platforms should not be held liable for copyright-infringing uploads in certain situation... More

Stream-Ripping is Next Frontier for Piracy Wars (THR)

That YouTube is a great place to access free content is known by most. But is the extremely popular video-sharing website also the place to go to download? That’s a question prov... More

Big Tech’s Copyright Views ‘Imbalanced’ (AT)

CreativeFuture has criticized so-called Big Tech’s stance on copyright, calling its views “imbalanced”. Ruth Vitale, CEO, suggests Big Tech’s house is in shambles, shaken b... More

Content Creators Urge Biden to Boost Copyright Protections (Deadline)

CreativeFuture, the industry group, sent a letter to Joe Biden last week, urging him to pursue legislation that includes creating a small claims court for copyright holders, and an... More

CreativeFuture Issues Statement on Appointment of Shira Perlmutter to Register of Copyrights

Dr. Carla Hayden, the Librarian of Congress, announced that Shira Perlmutter has been appointed to be the next Register of Copyrights. Ms. Perlmutter will enter this position after... More

YouTube Need Not Reveal Data of Online Pirates (BTN)

Online video sharing platforms, such as YouTube, need not reveal the personal details of users that illegally upload copyrighted material. The ruling from the European Court of Jus... More

Coronavirus: How to Protect Artists in Virtual Content Boom (LA Times)

Even before pandemic pushed our lives online, our digital moment was crying out for a new, more streamlined, simplified approach to managing this copyright can of worms.... More

CreativeFuture Issues Statement on New U.S. Copyright Office DMCA Section 512 Report (MESA)

The United States Copyright Office has issued a long-awaited report assessing Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), 22 years after its passage. When Congress ... More

Copyrights in the Era of AI (Adobe Blog)

In many cases, the data required for AI systems often includes copyrighted content. This process—usually referred to as “machine learning”— raises a fundamental intellectua... More

YouTube Tweaks Copyright Policy: Rights Holders Can’t Monetize Videos With Short or Unintentional Music Uses (Billboard)

YouTube is tweaking its copyright policy, blocking rights holders from manually monetizing “creator videos with very short or unintentional uses of music.” The move comes after... More

YouTube Making it Much Easier for Creators to Deal With Copyright Claims (The Verge)

YouTube is updating the way it handles manual copyright claims with changes that should make them much less of a headache for video creators.... More

How Video Games are Pushing the Boundaries of IP Law (Raconteur)

Video games are a fast-moving medium, so much so that they’re outpacing some aspects of copyright law.... More

Europe Looks to Remold Internet With New Copyright Rules (FBN)

The European Union has approved a copyright overhaul that aims to give more protection to artists and news organizations but which critics say will stifle freedom of speech and onl... More

Is the EU’s New Copyright Directive Too Complex to Work? ([email protected])

After two years in the making, the European Parliament on March 26 passed a sweeping copyright directive that could have a major impact on big technology companies. The European Pa... More